October 21, 2013

Setting a new direction for our future mobile developments

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Here at mysms, we always strive to offer you the best texting experience on every device that you use. At the moment we support seven different platforms and distribute mysms in a variety of app stores.

The mysms Family

For mobile phones we are currently providing mysms for Android Phone, iPhone and Windows Phone. During the last year we have seen fantastic growth for Android Phone and iPhone clearly outperforming Windows Phone. Therefore, we shifted our developments in this direction, to focus on our best performing platforms. Also, when we started with Windows Phone we were planning to support sending and synchronizing SMS messages, as we do for Android Phone. However, due to restrictions of the operating system there was no possible way to implement this feature. As a small team who aims to reach very high quality standards in all our apps, it was clear that we need to take a decision for Windows Phone.

As a result we have decided that we won’t further release updates to mysms for Windows Phone and will remove the app from the Windows Phone Store. However, if you have mysms already installed on your Windows Phone you can continue to use it.

For similar reasons we will remove all mysms Android apps from Amazon App Store, Androidpit App Center, SlideME, Samsung Application Store and sms.at Smart Zone in the course of this week.

We are excited to be able to concentrate even more on the platforms where we see the greatest potential for mysms. In the upcoming months we have some great features coming up. Stay tuned and feel free to contact us here.

October 16, 2013

mysms becomes SMS & YOU in France

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Today we’re very proud to announce our partnership with B&YOU. In B&YOU, which is part of the French mobile operator Bouygues Telecom, we found a strong and innovative partner to provide their customers and our mysms users in France with the best texting experience on every platform.

mysms becomes SMS & YOU in France

mysms becomes SMS & YOU in France


What is this all about?

During the time of our partnership only B&YOU customers and existing mysms users have the exclusive right to use our service in France. The co-branded applications of mysms are named SMS & YOU, come with a brand new design and are available for free. SMS & YOU will fully replace our actual service in all French stores.


Why have we decided to cooperate with B&YOU?

Bouygues Telecom is a global provider of mobile communications, landlines, TV, internet and cloud services. With their business division B&YOU the company serves more than 1 million customers. B&YOU shares our passion for online and loves to explore new innovative features as much as we do. As B&YOU was on a lookout on a customized solution to improve the texting experience of their customers, the partnership with mysms is the perfect match.


mysms becomes SMS & YOU – What does that mean for you?

In the last few months we have been developing a product that comes with a co-branded design and offers synchronized texting for every B&YOU user. B&YOU users can download the phone app from the links mentioned below to register for the service. After the setup and the initial sync messages can be sent and received on a tablet, desktop and via the web.

Existing mysms users need to switch to the new SMS & YOU apps on all devices. You can log in with current mysms account and all messages will also be available in the SMS & YOU apps.

At the moment the SMS & YOU apps are available for the following platforms for free (click on the links for a direct download):

– Android phone

– Android tablet

– Web app

Additionally, SMS & YOU applications for all other platforms will be added within the next few weeks.


If you have any feedback or other requests please let us know in the comments.

We’re very looking forward to the future cooperation with B&YOU and hope that you, all mysms and B&YOU users from France, share our excitement!

October 3, 2013

[quick tip] Keep track of your monthly SMS usage

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For those of you who do not have a contract which includes unlimited free texting, knowing how many texts you have already sent during the current month can be very useful. That’s why we integrated this feature.


Have a look at the mysms settings

Have a look at the mysms settings


You will find the option “SMS Usage” in the mysms settings on your phone under “Sending text”. This gives you a good overview of your SMS usage during a month. The start of the period can be changed manually by tapping on the current one and choosing “Change period…”.

The cool thing is that it is divided into “Remote SMS” and “SMS from phone”.  You always know how many texts have been sent directly on your phone and how many have been sent via another device (tablet, desktop, web).


We hope that helps you to better keep track of your SMS usage and consequently also your costs. Are you surprised how many messages you send during a month? Do you send more messages remotely or directly from your phone?

September 25, 2013

[quick tip] How to restore messages

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With mysms there is no need to worry about your texts, as we keep them safe in our mysms cloud. So unless you delete them manually, you can access them anytime and on any device. Sometimes you might be in need of transferring your texts to another phone or to restore them. That’s why we’d like to show you how this works with mysms.

Restore your messages


If you get a new phone, it depends whether you’ve changed your number or if you’re staying with your current one.

Same phone number: Install mysms on your new phone and login with your existing mysms account. During the sync process your last 1,000 messages will be available on your mobile. All other are still accessible via the web app (app.mysms.com) or any other clients (tablet, desktop).


New phone number: Basically it works in the same way, but with an extra step. Download mysms on your new phone, login with your existing mysms account (= your previous number) and wait until the sync has completely finished. Then open the mysms settings and choose “Edit account information”. Enter your new phone number under “your mobile number” and press “change”. From this time on this is the number you need for the login on any device.


For restoring your messages after an e.g. factory reset, follow these steps:

The most important point: Before you start the reset, make sure that you delete mysms from your phone. Otherwise your messages will be deleted from our cloud and won’t be recoverable.

When the reset is finished, all you need to do is to download mysms again and login with your existing mysms account. Afterwards, the last 1,000 messages are synced from the mysms cloud to your new phone and all your other messages will still be visible on the web, your tablet & desktop.


We’re always trying to enhance your everyday life with mysms. So we hope this helps not to worry about your texts, when changing or resetting your phone 🙂

September 19, 2013

Manage your texts faster with swiping gestures

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With mysms we aim to make your day-to-day communication easy and fast, no matter which device you use. For Android phone we recently launched the following five different swiping actions that will help you to perform the most used mysms features a lot quicker than before.


1) Swipe to the right

If you swipe to the right side on a conversation in the overview, you will notice the option to delete a thread. This can come in very handy if you want to delete conversations fast. No worries, you have to press on the icon before we finally delete your conversation. Like this you won’t erase a conversation by accident.


Swipe right to delete a message

Swipe right to delete a message


2) Swipe to the left

You are texting with mysms and decide to call one of your friends. Swipe left in the conversation overview and you can start a call without switching to your phone app.


Swipe left to make a call

Swipe left to make a call


3) Swipe left on a group conversation

Are you a heavy group user? Sometimes it’s getting difficult to remember who of your friends belong to a particular group. By swiping to the left, all members of a group will pop up and you will be able to add new contacts to the group.


Swipe left to show group members

Swipe left to show group members


4) Swipe up

If you prefer to keep your mysms inbox slim instead of saving all your messages, this might be the perfect feature for you. Simply swipe up to delete the latest message. This works in individual conversations as well as in the pop up. You can activate this feature in our newly introduced expert settings.


Swipe up to delete the latest text

Swipe up to delete the latest text


5) Pull down

The quickest way to start a new text is to pull down in the conversation overview. You can immediately enter your contact and start writing your text.

Pull down to enter a new text

Pull down to enter a new text


In the next updates we will include an option to de-/activate all swipe gestures in the mysms settings. Are you missing another swipe action that we should include in the releases? We’d love to get your opinion!