October 3, 2013

[quick tip] Keep track of your monthly SMS usage

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For those of you who do not have a contract which includes unlimited free texting, knowing how many texts you have already sent during the current month can be very useful. That’s why we integrated this feature.


Have a look at the mysms settings

Have a look at the mysms settings


You will find the option “SMS Usage” in the mysms settings on your phone under “Sending text”. This gives you a good overview of your SMS usage during a month. The start of the period can be changed manually by tapping on the current one and choosing “Change period…”.

The cool thing is that it is divided into “Remote SMS” and “SMS from phone”.  You always know how many texts have been sent directly on your phone and how many have been sent via another device (tablet, desktop, web).


We hope that helps you to better keep track of your SMS usage and consequently also your costs. Are you surprised how many messages you send during a month? Do you send more messages remotely or directly from your phone?