January 9, 2013

[quick tip] How to text from your tablet

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Do you possess a tablet, but are desperately looking for a way to send text messages? As mysms is a cross-platform app, you can also use the app on your Android tablet or iPad and benefit from a larger display and a more convenient keyboard for writing texts.

mysms for tablets

mysms for tablets

To get started, download mysms on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone first and create an account on your smartphone by using your mobile phone number. Some of you might have a tablet with a SIM card. Also in this case you need to register with your phone number. Otherwise you won’t be able to use our cloud features or cross-device synchronization.


After you’ve successfully registered on your phone and the sync of your contacts and messages has completely finished, you can start with mysms on your tablet right away. mysms offers you the same sending options as you’re enjoying on your smartphone and is not depending on the kind of tablet you’re using (Wi-Fi or Cellular). If you’re using an Android phone, you can send mysms friends messages, messages via a connector as well as texts via your mobile carrier. In case you’re using an iPhone or Windows Phone you can text for free with other mysms users – just invite your friends to mysms.