December 18, 2012

Our native Android tablet app is available!

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We’ve got exciting news for our Android users: The native mysms app for Android tablets has just arrived at the Google Play Store! You can now use all advantages of a native developed mysms app on your Android tablet.

mysms for Android tablet is here

mysms for Android tablet is here


Text conveniently on a larger display

Once you have created a mysms account on your phone, our brand new Android tablet app allows you to send and receive texts and multimedia messages on your tablet. All your messages are synced to the cloud and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Enjoy the large screen and the full-sized portable keyboard for creating, sending and receiving free mysms friends messages or text via your mobile carrier (mysms Android phone users only).


Customize the settings as you prefer

mysms is optimized for landscape and portrait mode. In portrait mode you can choose whether you’d like to display the contact pictures or if you’d like to use a greater width to have a better overview of your conversations. You’d like to receive a different ringtone for incoming messages? No problem, you can also change it in the preferences.

hide contact pics in portrait mode

hide contact pics in portrait mode


Manage your messages and send any file you like

It’s easy to forward or delete messages (just tap and hold them) and you can also send any file via your tablet. Moreover, if you’ve already connected your mysms account to Evernote on your Phone, desktop or web app, your messages will be saved in Evernote as well.

attach any file

attach any file


Use mysms on any device

mysms is becoming increasingly platform-independent and is currently available for Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows, Chrome and Android tablet. Additionally, there will be some great news for our iPad users soon!


So, give it a try and download it now!

  • Great to hear that you like it 🙂