June 11, 2014

mysms detects if you are online or not

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We’ve made a change in our sending process with the latest mysms update for Android phone.


When you text with other mysms users, the default sending option is to send free messages (send button turns green). These messages are sent via the internet. But what if you do not have a data connection right now?


With the latest update, mysms recognizes automatically if there is no data connection available. In this case the send button will turn grey and you will be able to send a regular text message instead. As soon as WiFi or mobile data connection is available again, the send channels switches back to green.


The following screencast demonstrates how it works:


This improvement should make the use of mysms even more convenient. Let us know in the comments, if you have any questions on that!

June 3, 2014

mysms and Apple’s iMessage update

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As you might know, Apple announced an update for its iMessage application at the WWDC yesterday.


Some of our users and supporters contacted us, because they thought Apple’s new functionality looks like what mysms has offered for years, and were wondering if this changes anything for mysms.


What’s important here is that Apples messages app is offered only to iOS users. Our goal has always been to bring cloud-based messaging to all your devices, and we don’t want to restrict ourselves to any platform or device. Nevertheless, mysms was often referred to as “iMessage for Android” in the past. Today, Android is still our top smartphone platform and mysms takes full advantage of the Android operating system with custom notifications, themes, plugins, widgets and much, much more. These features allow you to adapt mysms to your specific needs and this won’t change in future.


We have a lot more to show you in the upcoming weeks and are already looking forward to tell you more about it :)

Your mysms team

May 30, 2014

How to change the font size (Android phone) | quick tip

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With mysms there a lot of great features to discover. One of the latest features we added is the possibility to resize the font. We integrated this option directly in the mysms Android phone settings.

Resize text font

Resize text font in mysms


In case you’re unhappy with the standard font size, you can easily enlarge or minimize it. Go to the mysms settings on your Android phone, scroll down to “Other settings” and tap on “Font size”. On the next screen you can choose from the sizes small, medium and large.


We hope you like this improvement!

May 7, 2014

GPS feature: Share your location with your friends

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It’s time to release a new feature many of you have been longing for: GPS location sharing is finally available! If you are an Android phone user, add our new GPS location plugin and share your locations with anyone you want.

Show your friends where you are

Show your friends where you are

What is the feature for?

Have you ever been in the following situation? You want to meet friends in a public place, but you aren’t able to find each other? With the GPS location feature for mysms you can send your current location to anyone you like via a simple text message. The location is sent as a Google Maps link, so both mysms friends as well as non-mysms users are able to view your location.


How can I share my location?



The screencast explains how to set up the plugin:

  1. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of the Android phone app (v. 5.3.0)
  2. Click here to download the plugin or search for “mysms – GPS Location Sharing” in the Google Play Store
  3. Open the mysms app and start a new message
  4. Tap on the attachment icon and choose “Location”
  5. Now your current location should be shown
  6. Press on the checkmark to attach the location to your message
  7. There you go! Just press the send button to forward your location to your contact


Please note that it’s not possible to attach another file, when you want to share a location.


Sharing the location with mysms friends

For recipients who are using mysms on their Android phone, the location is shown as a thumbnail. Clicking on the thumbnail enlarges the view of the map. In all other mysms apps, the location is shown as a link. By selecting this link the location will either be shown in the Google Maps app or in the browser (depending on the device).

Sharing the location with non-mysms users

Your recipients do not necessarily need to use mysms to view your location. Non-mysms users receive a Google Maps links that opens the location either in the Google Maps app or the browser (depending on the device). However, on Android it is obligatory that the recipients have Google Maps installed on their device.


How is the location defined? Is it possible to refine the position?

If GPS is disabled in the Android settings, the location will only be obtained via WIFI. In case there is no internet connection available, the most recent location will be displayed. You can modify the location by relocating the snippet.


Is the feature available on all platforms?

Sharing a location is currently only possible by using our Android phone app. As soon as there is news regarding further implementations, we’ll let you know here or on our social media platforms.



We hope you’re as excited about this features as we are J If you have any questions regarding the GPS location sharing or mysms in general, we are here to help on our support forum.

March 26, 2014

Compose replies quickly via the popup or notification bar [quick tip]

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You love mysms for Android phone, but you think it’s inconvenient to open the app for composing a reply? In this case it’s high time to get to know one of our latest feature improvements.

Reply via the popup or notification bar

Reply via the popup or notification bar

Using the latest version of mysms, we provide you with two different quick reply options:



Probably you know our popup from one of our previous versions. Recently, we’ve changed the appearance of it. Now, when tapping into the input field, you can directly start to compose a reply. Instead of opening the whole message view, only the keyboard appears. Just enable the popup in the mysms settings and to use of this feature.


Notification bar

In case you’ve activated the option “Notifications” in the mysms settings on your Android phone, you receive a notification for incoming messages in the notification bar. In addition to open and read the message by tapping on it, you’ll find three options: Delete the message, mark it as read, or reply. By choosing “Reply”, the popup will directly compose a reply.


Don’t you think that this is much more convenient? How do you like these improvements?