February 2, 2015

Material Design Has Come To mysms

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Time for a massive redesign – We spent a great deal of time on giving our apps a fresh look. mysms got a new coat of paint and comes with a brand new Material inspired design. A hands on with our updated Android apps.

Our Android apps in the new design

Our Android apps in the new designOur Android apps got a huge redesign


With the introduction of Android Lollipop (5.0), Google presented a new design concept for Android apps. Google describes it as a visual language incorporating design principles for user interfaces across platforms (smartphones, tablets, desktop, wearables and TVs). During the last few weeks we were busy implementing the new design and bringing it to our Android phone and tablet apps. So what has changed? Almost everything. Watch the video to get a first impression:




Renewed conversation overview and message view

Conversation and message view in the beautiful new design

Conversation and message view in the beautiful new design

Bold colors, flat elements, clean lines and animations create a fresh user interface. The conversation and message overviews have been updated with a Material Design overhaul. It’s even easier to compose a new message with the replaced “New Message” icon at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, you can directly search for messages and have access to the new settings area.


The design of the message view has been wrapped in the latest design standard – the bubbles disappeared and it comes with the fresh Roboto font. Tap on a message to see the message details and open the menu to reveal options like calling the contact or deleting the thread.  Add attachments to your messages and choose your preferred sending channel (SMS/MMS/friends) by longpressing the send button.


Gorgeous new contact view

Redesigned contact view

Redesigned contact view

Tap on the avatar or profile pic in the conversation overview to open the beautiful new contact view – the Material Design makes it look fantastic. It includes the picture you saved for this contact (or an avatar) and some other handy options. Also the setting to choose custom notifications (sounds, LED etc.) for each contact has moved to this view.


For group chats, a tap on the avatar reveals the view where you can change the group name, add contacts or leave the group. In addition, this view allows you to view contact entries, add contacts to your address book or to send a message to individual contacts.


Manage the settings and your account information

The settings have moved to the sidebar

The settings have moved to the sidebarNotifications In Material Design

The settings area got a new structure and also found its way to the Material design – it hides in the sidebar now. We tried to cluster the countless options into a clearer structure. We aimed to make it more intuitive, so even loyal mysms users will get used to it very soon.


Stay up to date on your messages

Get notified on incoming messages and calls

Get notified on incoming messages and calls

Under Android 5.0 we use Lollipop’s the heads up notification replace the popup. Please make sure that you define the right notifications for mysms in your Android settings (e.g. regarding priority notifications). For those of you who use a lower Android version, the popup is still available and also has become a new design with some great Material Design elements.


Colorful themes to customize your app

Customize the colors of the app

Customize the colors of the app

mysms is not only rocking the standard blue theme, but comes in all themes you already know from the previous version – adapted to the Material Design goodness. When you click on the pencil next to the theme (sidebar – appearance) you can customize the color of nearly every area of the app.


With this redesign mysms comes with the absolutely gorgeous Android Lollipop style. We wanted to take a step ahead Google’s radical new design approach. What do you think of our new look?

  • Rand Phillips

    I’m sorry to have to say that I really do not like the new look of the message threads with this update to MySMS. Unless I’m overlooking it, you can no longer have “bubbles” (or even just background colors) to surround each message and that it makes it very hard (for me anyway) to distinguish between the sent/received messages in a thread and makes it harder to read overall. Indenting the messages isn’t enough of a distinguisher for my eyes, I’m afraid.

    I’ve rolled back to the previous version of the app for now, as the above is a deal-breaker for me since it just makes it too difficult to read my texts now. 🙁

    • Exactly my sentiments. I’m not crazy about Lolilop’s UI in the first place, but this new look for mysms is just not usable for me. Each message in a conversation should at least identify the sender! This is just way too minimalist for me.

  • Adrienne Boylan

    I don’t like the fact that they did away with the bubbles…. makes it much harder to follow the conversation. Wish I didn’t update to this version. And I can’t figure out how to change the the background per contact conversation.

  • Hello, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry that you’re not fully satisfied with the redesign. We seriously keep your feedback in mind and are considering to implement further improvements.

    • Soliloquized

      How about letting the user pick the design? I agree with more than a few others, I liked the program, but not the new design, insofar as the theme, the layout is fine, including the new message pen/pencil at the bottom of the page.

      With this recent update, I started to get messages “Echoed” that, in my case, were sent to multiple recipients, and the message does not appear in the sent folder for the “group” I sent it to, nor in each individual recipient’s thread, therefore it must not be sending it and echoed it to indicate same. These were sent from the tablet. The Message/Character count were 3/?, but it still should have sent, before the update they did.

      My last issue with the program is my inability to save text threads using a program I have successfully used for years because the messages were sent with the phone’s native app and were long. I found the work around on your site, send all messages from the phone using MySms, but it still left me with threads I could not save important messages from.

      I’ve switched back to MightyText, I’ve sent you my major issue with the Echo, if I hear back I’ll reinstall, but somehow I’m not real confident I will. I have an increasing number of Apps I can’t update, because the new designs and features are horrible, and even reinstalled 2 of the Apps with the older version.

      Stop listening to Google and trying to make everything Google compliant, they’re making everything freakish looking, as if made by a child’s toy manufacturer.

  • HD vido

    Ditto. At an airport it’s utterly frustrating to use due to poor visuals and important details of a message no longer being displayed. What a poorly researched upgrade. Now I have to look for a better solution even if it costs.

  • Curtis Puetz

    I’d echo the comments here. It’s really hard to read with this new design. I don’t know what the “material” design requirements are, but if this is what is required, then Android needs to rethink it. Even the addition of a line between each message would be helpful.

  • Therona

    How do you roll back to previous versions?
    Like many of the people here i HATE the update. Its too pale, difficult read and there is no ability to use avatars on conversation.

  • Ken Ziegenbein

    I hate that you took away the blue background for sent messages. It’s very hard to read now and almost a deal breaker.

  • Hey guys, there are updates for all Android apps available that include an option to enable message bubbles (under Sidebar – Appearance – Theme – Choose the Pencil). We’ve also tried to improve the contrast and the font. Hope you’ll like it. We’re still working on further improvements.