February 24, 2012

Hello World!

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Hallo! Salut! Hola! Ciao! Olá! Hej! Hello…and welcome to our mysms blog!

We’re very happy to announce the birth of the youngest of our mysms family: the mysms blog! Bringing this blog into being we’d like to establish a platform where you can interact with us, share your thoughts and opinions and stay informed about happenings in the mobile world.


Contents of our mysms blog will include the topics messaging, cloud services and facts & figures about the mobile, smartphone & tablet market. Also we will share our latest mysms news with you – covering product updates, new features as well as quick peeps behind the scenes.


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In this spirit, we hope you enjoy our mysms blog – anywhere, anytime and on any device ; )


mysms team

mysms team welcomes you on our blog