October 21, 2013

Setting a new direction for our future mobile developments

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Here at mysms, we always strive to offer you the best texting experience on every device that you use. At the moment we support seven different platforms and distribute mysms in a variety of app stores.

The mysms Family

For mobile phones we are currently providing mysms for Android Phone, iPhone and Windows Phone. During the last year we have seen fantastic growth for Android Phone and iPhone clearly outperforming Windows Phone. Therefore, we shifted our developments in this direction, to focus on our best performing platforms. Also, when we started with Windows Phone we were planning to support sending and synchronizing SMS messages, as we do for Android Phone. However, due to restrictions of the operating system there was no possible way to implement this feature. As a small team who aims to reach very high quality standards in all our apps, it was clear that we need to take a decision for Windows Phone.

As a result we have decided that we won’t further release updates to mysms for Windows Phone and will remove the app from the Windows Phone Store. However, if you have mysms already installed on your Windows Phone you can continue to use it.

For similar reasons we will remove all mysms Android apps from Amazon App Store, Androidpit App Center, SlideME, Samsung Application Store and sms.at Smart Zone in the course of this week.

We are excited to be able to concentrate even more on the platforms where we see the greatest potential for mysms. In the upcoming months we have some great features coming up. Stay tuned and feel free to contact us here.

  • markreif

    really too bad development was stopped for Windows Phone- please rethink!!!!!!

    • Hello Mark, thanks for your feedback. We’ll keep it in mind.
      Best, your mysms team

  • Brant Rider

    They don’t think they will make money on Windows Phone so they don’t care about the users. They will not keep it in mind I assure you.

    • Hello Brant, thanks for your message. Currently Windows doesn’t allow third party apps to access the regular text messages. So we aren’t able to provide our core feature to Windows Phone users. As soon as this is possible, we’ll consider to provide a Windows Phone app again.

  • Christoforos P.

    I am a windows phone user and I would be using the app if it was available. Its a pity I don’t have the option.

  • This is a shame. I hope you reconsider. I never even knew about MySMS. Lack of awareness on the WP platform is probably why you saw poor demand. WHEN you cone back, press release to WPCentral, WMPoweruser, Nokia Conversations, etc. We can’t support what we don’t know about.

    • Thanks Jeff for your feedback. At the moment we are not able to provide the full feature set for Windows Phone like we do on Android. If restrictions change, we might reconsider.

      • Is there a specific API that we Windows Phone users should be bugging Microsoft about? 🙂

      • Hello Jeff, what we need is the access to the SMS storage on the phone 🙂

  • Orielis

    So I gather that Blackberry is not among the supported devices?

  • Stephen

    With the unification of the Windows operating system, we will see a lot of changes coming to Windows Phones as well.

    Do you, as a developer, have access to Windows 10 to build apps on? And if so, will there be a chance of seeing the return of this application?

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for caring. We would need to have access to the regular text messages on Windows Phone – otherwise we are not able to provide our core feature (sending/receiving texts on any device) to our WP users.

  • Krzysztof Hanzel

    Any changes about Windows Phone? Universal App, anything?

    • Dear mysms user,

      thanks for submitting your email. We’re a small team and working
      hard on our apps. We receive tons of emails every day and are not
      able to respond to every single request. If you are a mysms
      Premium user, you can expect a reply within 24 hours on business
      days. Please take a look at our FAQs in the meantime: http://support.mysms.com ( http://support.mysms.com ).

      Thanks, your mysms team