April 16, 2013

mysms for Windows 8 is Here

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Hello everybody, we’ve got something to show you. We’ve just launched mysms for your Windows 8 tablet and PC. Now you can send and receive your texts, pics and files in the new Windows experience.


mysms for Windows 8


With the mysms app for Windows 8 you can flip through your messages and pictures just like you are used to from the web app.


Don’t forget, all messages that you send and receive will be saved in the mysms cloud. Like this, you can access your messages also from any of your other devices – your phone, tablet and basically every Internet-enabled device). As soon as you start using mysms you’ll see that your messages inbox is synchronized automatically and look the same across all your devices.


mysms conversation view


Enter new messages directly on your PC and choose between different sending options – mobile carrier, mysms friends and various supported WebSMS connectors. You can easily start a group chat with up to 50 members and add pictures and files to your messages to give your messages even more value.


Enter a new message


Check out the mysms friends view and see who of your contacts is already using mysms. Missing somebody? Choose a contact from in the “All contacts” view, and send a free invitation.


We are curious to hear how you like mysms for Windows 8! Give it a try and download the app on your Windows Surface or PC. Moreover, you can read a review of our brand new mysms App for Windows 8 here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Jammin

    I will use this just as soon as there is an app for windows phone 8

  • Hi Jammin, we’re sorry but a mysms app for WIndows phone is not planned at the moment.

  • Fernando Garcia

    How do i logout of the app on my computer?

    • Hi Fernando, just go to mysms and open the Windows charm bar on the right side of the screen. Under settings you’ll find the option to logout.
      Best, your mysms team

  • Alain Bruguieres

    Hello, previously I had mysms running on Windows 7 and it was fine. Now I have windows 8 and mysms opens fullscreen, which is ludicrous because I have a big screen. How can I open it in a windows ? I don’t even have acces to parameters or anything. Thanks in advance for the input. Cheers.

    • Hello, thanks for your request. By using Windows 8 it is only possible to resize the width of the app window. The feature to completely resize the windows will be reintroduced with Windows 10.
      Best, your mysms team

  • Jarone Hasan

    Its a good app but it doesn’t sync by itself so really its kinda useless, I’d stick to the chrome version

    • Hello Jarone, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for letting us know. Does the sync work, if you use mysms as default app on your phone? We’d really appreciate your feedback.

  • Can this be updated to work with Windows 10. It was working – but has stopped in the last week or so (on Build 10240 which is RTM). I am getting notifications, but the app itself just sticks on the blue MYSMS logo. Also, can we release this app for windows phone. I know it won’t send/receive SMS’s but I use a sim less windows phone for testing – it would be good to send/receive SMS via my Android. With Universal apps now the thing – it should just be a quick option change.

    • Hello Rob, thanks for your comment. The app is currently only optimized for Windows 8, but we’re already working on a version for Windows 10. Unfortunately, it’s not yet planned to release a Windows Phone app. However, you could use the web app (https://app.mysms.com) in your phone’s browser as an alternative.

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    • Dear mysms user,

      thanks for submitting your email. We’re a small team and working
      hard on our apps. We receive tons of emails every day and are not
      able to respond to every single request. If you are a mysms
      Premium user, you can expect a reply within 24 hours on business
      days. Please take a look at our FAQs in the meantime: http://support.mysms.com ( http://support.mysms.com ).

      Thanks, your mysms team


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    • Dear mysms user,

      thanks for submitting your email. As we are a small team, we’re
      only able to respond to requests from Premium users.

      If you are a mysms Premium user, please make sure that you
      contacted us directly via the mysms Android phone app (Sidebar – Feedback – E-Mail). If you are not a Premium user, please check
      our FAQ section: http://support.mysms.com ( http://support.mysms.com ).
      Thanks for your understanding,

      your mysms team