September 6, 2012

mysms for Windows Phone is Here!

Posted in apps, messaging, mysms news by Lisa Leitner

Here at mysms we made a big step towards platform-independence last weekend, when we released mysms for Windows Phone. Our messaging app is now available for 88 % of all smartphones. In other words, the amount of your mysms friends is growing continuously. That’s brilliant news, right?

Until now mysms has been available for iOS and Android smartphones only. These days are over! With the rise of Windows Phone OS we decided to broaden our portfolio. So here it is, our mysms app for Windows Phone:


mysms for Windows Phone is here

mysms for Windows Phone


You can find our mysms Windows Phone app at Windows’ Marketplace and download it for free. Invite your friends, no matter if they own an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, so you can send them messages free of charge.


Also, Windows Phone users can now use our Android Tablet app and web apps. Our web app portfolio includes mysms for Windows (desktop), Mac, Facebook, Chrome and any other web browser. Using mysms on a personal computer allows you to enter your messages comfortably on your computer keyboard. Believe me, you will love this!


mysms apps

mysms family


When designing mysms for Windows Phone, we stuck to Windows’ design elements. mysms adapts colors to your current theme and uses buttons you’re familiar with. Consequently, it’s intuitive and easy to use as well as it’s a feast for the eyes 😉


As mysms for Windows Phone is still in beta, we’d love to hear what you think about our newest mysms family member. Let us know in the comments.


Please note: We decided to stop the development of our Windows Phone app in October 2013. This has several reasons, which you can read in this blog post.

  • Richard

    Hi I can’t get it work my partner is on iPhone and it does not add her to my friends list any help appreciated

    • Lisa-Marie Leitner

      Hi Richard, could you please post your problem on our support platform It’s easier to help you from there. Thank you!

  • Lumia800User

    So do you plan to add SMS to non mysms users features soon to WP version as well?
    Right now whatsapp is where I have most of my friends but the SMS to non mysms users feature would change that

  • Without SMS abilities on Windows Phone as the case on Android, this app is useless! Sorry..

    • Hi Mohamad, that’s true and that’s the reason why the Windows Phone app is no longer available.

      • Thank you for your reply. I apologize MYSMS; I didn’t read your note update that tells it’s a problem from Windows OS not from your side. We hope we can get it working someday in the near future (especially with Windows 10). Please note that we’re tough with the Good Ones because we’re expecting the best from them 🙂

  • Trinsid (0104-0993-6887)

    I have a few questions:
    1. Will mysms allow me to text my contacts on my phone via desktop/laptop? I wanted to get this app because my main issue is that I don’t usually have my phone near me while in my works pace (with my pc.)
    2. I tried to find this app on my windows phone and it seems to be unavailable. I see Mohamad (bellow) has pointed out that SMS is not available on windows… Is it not? I thought SMS simply meant text messaging…

    • Hello Transid, thanks for your request. Currently mysms only works when using an Android phone. We had to stop developing our Windows Phone app as we were not able to provide our core feature to Windows Phone users. Third party apps like mysms are not allowed to access the regular text messages on Windows Phone, so sending & receiving regular texts from a computer/tablet was also not possible. Hope this answers your questions.

  • Eddy Quicksall

    I have a Windows phone. I went to the Windows store and searched for mysms. Then I loaded it. But the app just has two buttons (1) Watch our video and (2) Download. The video is nothing more than an advertisement so I clicked on Download. That has a “Get the app”. so I clicked on that. But clicking on that does nothing except to flash the link box..

    Has anyone been able to use mysms on a Windows phone?

  • Eddy Quicksall

    I got a message today where mySms says it is not available for Windows Phone. I guess this headline was a bit premature.

    • Dear mysms user,

      thanks for submitting your email. We’re a small team and working
      hard on our apps. We receive tons of emails every day and are not
      able to respond to every single request. If you are a mysms
      Premium user, you can expect a reply within 24 hours on business
      days. Please take a look at our FAQs in the meantime: ( ).

      Thanks, your mysms team