October 23, 2012

mysms goes premium – working on native tablet apps

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Dear mysms users,

the last months have shown tremendous growth for mysms. We have more than doubled the number of users connected to the mysms cloud, and the messaging volume overall has more than tripled. Most importantly to us, we achieved new highs in customer satisfaction measured by app store reviews. Thank you for the trust put in us and I want to assure you that we keep on working hard to provide the best-in-class messaging experience to you in future.

mysms goes premium

mysms  – our next steps


We started the mysms journey one and a half years ago with a clear vision in mind – to bring text messaging to the cloud, meaning to enable our users to send and receive messages on all their devices wherever they are. What we did not have right from the beginning was a clear business model. mysms is still free to all of you and also free of advertising. We have analyzed what you are expecting from a service like mysms and decided to take mysms to the next level throughout the coming weeks. What does this mean for you?


1.) Native apps for iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8 tablet and desktop

The rise of tablets is a fact. Until now our web app was available to iPad users and on Android we wrapped the web app into a tablet optimized app and added native notifications. We are well aware that this is not the best user experience and think that you deserve something better. Moreover, Microsoft started to roll out Windows 8 for tablet and desktop devices. Taking all this together we decided to build the best native tablet and desktop apps for sending & receiving text messages currently available. Those apps will be made available to you gradually over the coming months and we strive to have the full portfolio completed by the end of the year.


2.) Introducing our premium business model

We are currently syncing more than 300.000.000 messages across our servers. At this point we think it is fair to charge for our service. Therefore, starting from today, we will introduce a dead simple premium model. The use of all smartphone applications (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) and the use of our web app will remain free to all of you. All tablet and desktop apps that come with native notifications will be available at a price between 3€ and 5€. The first app to go premium is the version for the Apple Mac App Store. All other apps (Android tablet, iPad, Windows 8 for tablet and desktop) will go premium as they become available.


These changes will allow us to provide you with a fantastic user experience across all your connected devices and at the same time have our service completely free of advertising.


We are more enthusiastic than ever about the future of mysms and hope that you will continue going our journey with us throughout the next years. It’s great to count on your support.



Martin (CEO mysms)


Update October 9, 2014: Starting today we are introducing a new Premium model that will be different to the Premium that we presented in this post. We are switching from on-off app purchases to a subscription based model. What does not change is that it’s always your decision to go Premium or not. We offer the basic version of mysms for free and are not planning to change this. Find more information about mysms Premium here.

October 16, 2012

We’ve got a new mysms team member

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Today we have great news for you. mysms is growing constantly in terms of users and our very own team is becoming bigger and bigger. Please give a warm welcome to our newest and youngest team member – Silvia



Silvia joined mysms to reinforce the Marketing team this October. She’ll be the new face behind the mysms social media appearance. You’d like to know more? Here it is:


What is your role at mysms?

I’m responsible for our mysms social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Additionally, I’ll cope with your issues, questions and suggestions on our feedback platform getsatisfaction.com/mysms. Well, and the reason why this blog post about me is published here is that from now on I’ll also provide you deeper information about relevant topics via our mysms blog.


What‘s your intention?

I’d like to share my passion for mysms and topics regarding the mobile and digital world. You should be on top of information and get quick answers on our different platforms. Furthermore, it should be easy to get in touch with mysms, whenever you have a question – also when it is just a short one.


What topics are you going to cover?

Based on our different platforms I’m going to share new releases or features of mysms, news from the digital and mobile industry as well as entertaining content. Moreover, I’ll provide you deeper information about relevant and the latest topics on this blog. You know a topic that you want to learn more about? Please let me know! Additionally, I’ll answer your requests on our social media channels and on our mysms feedback-platform getsatisfaction.com/mysms. I’ll be one of the interfaces between you and the mysms team – I’m here to help.


What do you like beyond the work at mysms?

I’m currently doing my Masters in International Marketing and I am discovering and extending my passion for the mobile and digital industry. In my freetime I love singing in an ensemble to beautify someone’s wedding or other events. Moreover, I do some sports to find the right balance.


I cannot wait to talk to you on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as on getsatisfaction.com/mysms and discuss what’s hot in mobile on this blog. Come and join our community and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!


Read you soon, Silvia

September 6, 2012

mysms for Windows Phone is Here!

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Here at mysms we made a big step towards platform-independence last weekend, when we released mysms for Windows Phone. Our messaging app is now available for 88 % of all smartphones. In other words, the amount of your mysms friends is growing continuously. That’s brilliant news, right?

Until now mysms has been available for iOS and Android smartphones only. These days are over! With the rise of Windows Phone OS we decided to broaden our portfolio. So here it is, our mysms app for Windows Phone:


mysms for Windows Phone is here

mysms for Windows Phone


You can find our mysms Windows Phone app at Windows’ Marketplace and download it for free. Invite your friends, no matter if they own an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, so you can send them messages free of charge.


Also, Windows Phone users can now use our Android Tablet app and web apps. Our web app portfolio includes mysms for Windows (desktop), Mac, Facebook, Chrome and any other web browser. Using mysms on a personal computer allows you to enter your messages comfortably on your computer keyboard. Believe me, you will love this!


mysms apps

mysms family


When designing mysms for Windows Phone, we stuck to Windows’ design elements. mysms adapts colors to your current theme and uses buttons you’re familiar with. Consequently, it’s intuitive and easy to use as well as it’s a feast for the eyes 😉


As mysms for Windows Phone is still in beta, we’d love to hear what you think about our newest mysms family member. Let us know in the comments.


Please note: We decided to stop the development of our Windows Phone app in October 2013. This has several reasons, which you can read in this blog post.

August 8, 2012

mysms Insights: Our New Office in Graz, Austria

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As we‘ve already mentioned in our last mysms insights blogpost about our new office in Sunnyvale, CA, we also moved our headquarters to a new office in Graz, Austria. On a very summery Friday in June the whole team packed their traps and left the old mysms masonry.

packing our things in the old mysms office

Busy bees in the old mysms office

Packed with all our belongings we moved to a very stylish and completely new office in the South of the city. We carried, we schlepped, we packed, we unpacked, we cleared out, we assembled and at the end of the day we were exhausted and happy. The result is nothing to sneeze at. Look and see!


Chill out area new mysms UT11 office

We love our new chill-out area

This is our chill-out area, where we relax, have coffee and discuss ideas. Pretty comfy, don’t you think?


mysms development team

Our developers @ work

This is where the magic happens 😉 – our development team, who makes sure mysms works properly and builds new features and apps for our users.


mysms meeting room

Video-conferencing in our new meeting room

In our two meeting rooms we come together, brainstorm, discuss concepts and skype with colleagues and partners all over the world.


Our slogan, logo and values cover our walls and represent the spirit of the team.

UT11 slogan

UT11 logo

UT11 value cloud


In a nutshell, we love our new office and feel at ease with it. If you are curious and happen to be in Graz one day, feel free to stop by! 😉



August 2, 2012

mysms launches globally

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We’re experiencing exciting times here at mysms! A couple of weeks ago we officially launched our mysms apps globally and since then we haven’t slept a bit. A whole lot of new users all over the world have joined us and many international tech blogs covered our story. We are very happy and grateful about the massive support we’ve got from all of you! To let you all take part in the happenings around mysms of the last two weeks, we’d like to present you what’s been written about mysms on international blogs and social media.



mysms in the US press

Gizmodo says that mysms “gives texting a lot of the benefits of higher tech forms of communication”, is “a nice little service” and “seems to work pretty well”.


The Next Web calls mysms the “iMessage for the rest of us” and states that “WhatsApp will likely be given a run for its money here”.


What the Frenchies say about mysms

“If you’ve ever experienced the convenience of iMessage […] and wished that you had it on your non-Mac and non-iOS device you’re in luck; this is where mysms comes in” and „sounds pretty good to me“, says Liliane Nguyen from übergizmo.


mysms is best in app test in Germany

In a messaging app test of the German tech magazine Computerbild, mysms outperformed iMessage, Whatsapp, Chat On and Yuilop. We were ranked highest in operability, security and overall results. Awesome!


Additionally, Martin Weigert from Netzwertig says he “likes the path mysms opts for“ and thinks that our apps have “high potential”. We must admit, we really enjoy people praising us like that 😉


Massive mysms buzz in Indonesia

We were very pleased to discover quite an impressive buzz about mysms coming from Indonesian blogs. It’s a pleasure to hear that they consider mysms to be “useful” and “convenient” on the other side of the world!


Great International blog posts

Also, we are greatly honored that bloggers from countries with languages we have absolutely no clue about made the effort to write about mysms. In Russia they say that “Mysms: бесплатный сервис обмена сообщениями для iOS, Android, Mac, Windows и Chrome”, in Greece they think that “Συγχρονίστε τα SMS μηνύματα στο cloud με το MySMS” and our Chinese friends write “MySMS:类iMessage的跨平台短信同步服务”, – we reckon this must be extremely positive 😉


Social Media buzz from you guys

Besides all these great blogposts, we paid most of our attention to you and your opinions you shared on several social media platforms. Some of your tweets and posts made us so happy that we’d like to share them here on our blog:





Of course, we haven’t only listened to the praise about mysms, but are also very thankful for all your constructive criticism! We take all your opinions seriously and hope you will continue sharing your thoughts about mysms on our GetSatisfaction Page. Thanks!