December 19, 2012

Introducing mysms for iPad

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Maybe you have read yesterday’s post about our brand new Android tablet app, and thought what about us iPad users? No worries, we did not forget about you! Here it is, our Pre-Christmas present for you, the first of its kind, our mysms iPad app is available on the Apple App Store.

The brand new mysms app for iPad

The brand new mysms app for iPad

Truly native, simply beautiful

If you have used our web app on the iPad before, you will be pleased by the native iPad version. Instead using the existing HTML5-version, we have built everything natively from scratch. This led to a huge boost in performance that  you’ll notice as soon as you open the app.  We worked hard to provide you with the same smooth experience that you know from our web app, but added native elements that you love on your iPad, such as native notifications and gestures. On top of that we tweaked the design and usability so that the app just looks and feels right. You’ll know what we mean as soon as you give it a try.


Packed with features

mysms for iPad is as feature-rich as the web app. You can send and receive messages on your iPad and take advantage of the bigger display and keyboard. Your messages are synchronized with your smartphone, meaning you can start a conversation on your iPad, and continue anytime on your phone. Texts and pictures to other mysms users are free of charge and sent via your mobile data connection or WIFI. If you combine the iPad app with an Android phone, you can even send texts via your mobile carrier and reach every contact from your address book via SMS.


It’s easy to get started

If you are a first time user of mysms, you need to download one of our phone apps first and create a mysms account there. Your messages are then synced to our mysms cloud and you can access them from any web-enabled device, e.g. your iPad. Now is the time to download mysms onto your iPad, enter your number and password, and start texting like never before 😉


We are very curious what you think of our work of the last few months. Let us know in the comments!

December 18, 2012

Our native Android tablet app is available!

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We’ve got exciting news for our Android users: The native mysms app for Android tablets has just arrived at the Google Play Store! You can now use all advantages of a native developed mysms app on your Android tablet.

mysms for Android tablet is here

mysms for Android tablet is here


Text conveniently on a larger display

Once you have created a mysms account on your phone, our brand new Android tablet app allows you to send and receive texts and multimedia messages on your tablet. All your messages are synced to the cloud and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Enjoy the large screen and the full-sized portable keyboard for creating, sending and receiving free mysms friends messages or text via your mobile carrier (mysms Android phone users only).


Customize the settings as you prefer

mysms is optimized for landscape and portrait mode. In portrait mode you can choose whether you’d like to display the contact pictures or if you’d like to use a greater width to have a better overview of your conversations. You’d like to receive a different ringtone for incoming messages? No problem, you can also change it in the preferences.

hide contact pics in portrait mode

hide contact pics in portrait mode


Manage your messages and send any file you like

It’s easy to forward or delete messages (just tap and hold them) and you can also send any file via your tablet. Moreover, if you’ve already connected your mysms account to Evernote on your Phone, desktop or web app, your messages will be saved in Evernote as well.

attach any file

attach any file


Use mysms on any device

mysms is becoming increasingly platform-independent and is currently available for Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows, Chrome and Android tablet. Additionally, there will be some great news for our iPad users soon!


So, give it a try and download it now!

December 5, 2012

mysms has already sync’d more than 500M messages

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We are very glad to announce that we have already synced more than half a billion text & multimedia messages in our mysms cloud. Especially in the last few months, the number of messages has exploded on all platforms which makes us truly proud. But not only the amount of messages has been growing fast, also the number of users. You probably have noticed that more and more mysms friends show up in your mysms app.

mysms is growing increasingly

mysms is growing increasingly

We’re currently available in over 200 countries worldwide and provide our apps in seven different languages. Just a short note: We would enjoy translating our apps in more languages. So, if you are a talented linguistic and if you’re interested in helping us on a long term basis, just contact us. Since the start of the Android and the Web App in June 2011, we have been improving our app constantly and we’re currently providing our app for eight different mobile and desktop platforms. That enables you to send and receive text messages truly platform independent on any device.

Well, we hope that you enjoy our app as much as we do. Now check out our mysms infographic to get to know our most important milestones:

mysms milestones

mysms milestones

November 15, 2012

Let’s get in touch!

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We always try to make you, our users, happy with mysms.  Even though we’re doing our best and are constantly improving mysms, there are times where you have suggestions or issues that we should know about. This is the time when we are pleased with your help and your feedback on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Get Satisfaction, e-mail and so on.

Did you know that there are six different ways to get in touch with us?

Did you know that there are six different ways to get in touch with us?

At the moment we’ve got nine different mysms apps that run on five different operating systems. These should make your everyday communication easier and more convenient. We are improving our apps steadily and therefore, we need you! Your feedback shows us which features you really enjoy, what you’d additionally like to have in the future or where you experience issues. That’s why we appreciate your feedback!


If you want to post an enquiry, there are many ways how you can get in a dialogue with us. We want to give you a short overview of these platforms:


Are you already our fan or are you following our tweets? Just join our pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and get our latest news. In addition, we love to entertain you and provide you with updates from the mobile and digital world. On these platforms it’s easy to post short questions or leave some kind words.


You love our app and want to let us know about it? You’d like to have some additional features? You experience some issues or recognize a bug?

Get Satisfaction is literally the best platform to leave feedback. This is our feedback panel, where you can easily post suggestions, problems or even praise :). You can not only get easily in touch with us, but also with other users. It’s possible to state suggestions or vote for existing ideas of other users to show that these are important to you, too. Additionally, you can post an issue that you experience or search for common problems in order to find an answer in an existing thread.


  • E-Mail – for your sensitive enquiries

In some special cases it might be better to start a private conversation via e-mail. We’ve got different e-mail addresses that depend on the device you are using (,, This channel is helpful to solve specific issues, where sensitive data (e.g. your phone number) is needed in order to find a solution.


  • Blog – all about mysms and the mobile world

Last but not least, here on our blog we keep you up to date about relevant mobile topics and mysms as well. For every major release you will find detailed information on our new features. You can also post your comments on related posts and discuss with other readers, of course.


Your feedback is valuable for both you and our team. We’re happy to help you with your problems, get suggestions for new features or just receive some praise for our work. On the other hand, with your input you help us improving our app and get a texting app that meets your desires. So what are you waiting for, just get in touch with us!

November 5, 2012

mysms now integrates with Evernote

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We are very excited to share our latest news with you. mysms now integrates with Evernote – a cloud service that helps you remember everything. The integration with Evernote enables you full archiving of text messages from any of our mobile applications directly to the cloud.

mysms integrates with Evernote

mysms integrates with Evernote


From the beginning our goal was to provide you with a service that frees your text messages from your mobile phone to the cloud. Being able to send and receive your text messages on all of your devices is the core of our product and the main reason why many of you love mysms. However, what was clearly missing was a searchable and portable archive for your messages – until now.


Why Evernote?

For most of us text messages are closely tied to your personal life. We share our most important moments by sending pictures, reach out for help when we need it or simply say hello when it’s been a while that we haven’t met a good friend.

When we are searching for an old message that contains an address, name or phone number that we desperately need, our messages become more than just a text. They become an extension of our memory. That is why Evernote is the ideal partner for us.


How it works

Once you connect your mysms account with Evernote, every new text message you send or receive will be automatically saved to your Evernote notebook called “mysms”. Every message thread with one of your contacts will be stored in a separate note. If your text messages include pictures, videos or other attachments, these files will also be saved to your Evernote notebook (without any size limits that you need to keep in mind). Within Evernote searching your texts is simple and easy, even if you are looking for a text in threads with a huge amount of messages.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect your mysms account with Evernote. If you need further help you can always reach out to us on our community page.


We are very excited about this release, and are curious what you think about it. Let us know in the comments!