July 3, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, mysms!

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It’s mysms’ 2nd Birthday – Time to celebrate! A lot has changed during the last two years and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. But this wouldn’t have been possible without you, the best users in the world. Thanks so much for your support!

mysms birthday cake

self-made mysms birthday cake

When we started out 2 years ago, our goal was to make communication easier and more productive. Now, nearly a million users later, people have used mysms all around the world to enhance their everyday life. They’ve used our apps to say hello with a picture from the latest holidays, to save and manage their favorite messages and for the day-to-day communication with their beloved ones in between. To demonstrate how mysms makes your life easier, we launched a new video yesterday:


In addition to you, our users, a great team and awesome apps shaped the last year. The number of team members has doubled and we’ve launched so many new apps with a bunch of great features. Here’s our current mysms team that’s constantly trying to make your texting life even better:

mysms team

mysms team

Presents are mostly related to birthdays and we have one for you too: As a big thank you, we provide all of our mysms themes for free from now. You can choose from a variety of different themes in the Google Play Store:

Get to know how to make use of them here.


It’s incredible how fast the last year has gone and how much has changed in a positive way. We’re really looking forward to an amazing upcoming time!

June 20, 2013

Give mysms a wooden look (Android phone)

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Can you remember the theme voting we had a few weeks ago? The Chrome theme won, closely followed by the wooden theme. Some of you wished the Wooden Theme to be implemented as well, therefore it’s time to announce this news: mysms – Wooden Theme is available in the Google Play Store.

Personalize your mysms app

Personalize your mysms app

The use of the wooden theme is another great possibility to personalize your mysms app. It let’s your mysms app shine in a picturesque look on your Android phone. AND it is for FREE 🙂


We assume you know it already, but we’ve got other great looking themes for your Android phone:


As a reminder, here’s how to use the themes:

  • Click on Menu to open the mysms settings
  • Choose the submenu “Theme” (under “other settings”)
  • Select “Find more themes” to open the available mysms themes in the Google Play Store
  • Install your favorite one
  • Go back to mysms and open the submenu “Theme” again
  • Now you can choose from the themes you’ve downloaded recently


Download it from this link and let us know what you think in the store reviews!

June 4, 2013

mysms for Windows 7/XP comes with new features!

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Are you using Windows 7 or Windows XP? In this case you might have been longing for this news: Now the time has come for our major update for mysms desktop app for Windows 7/XP! We’ve improved the performance and cool new features are waiting for you.

Discover the new features!

Discover the new features!

A short note before we start introducing the new features: All settings can be found by right-clicking on the mysms icon in the system tray or by clicking on the cogwheel within the app.


Appearance on taskbar

Using the mysms app on your Windows 7/XP PC has become more intuitive and adaptable: To have mysms always right at hand, we would recommend to “run mysms on Windows startup”. Once the app gets started on your computer, the app will remain open in the taskbar per default. This setting is changeable now, so you can also choose to only show the app in the system tray. Moreover, click once on the icon in the tray to show your notifications or double-click to open the app. In case you don’t want mysms to run in the background, right-click on the mysms icon in the system tray and choose “Quit”.


Stay up-to-date with the popup notification

mysms informs you about incoming messages on your desktop via native notifications (tab “Settings” – “Notifications”). You got to know this feature from the previous version, but there are some new options available. You can delete and mark messages as read directly via the popup or click on it to open the conversation.
And the greatest news for some of you: We’ve implemented an option to enable the privacy mode for the popup, meaning that it won’t show the content of your incoming messages in the notification.


Discover the extended notification settings

Getting notified via the popup is not enough for you? In addition you can choose from various ringtones and set them separately for single and group messages – so you know immediately which kind of message you received. In case you don’t like multiple sound notifications or don’t want to receive them when the app is open, there’s also an option available for that.


Sending and receiving texts on your Windows PC is much more fun now, so it’s time to give it a try. You can download mysms for Windows 7/XP FOR FREE directly from our website.



May 16, 2013

[quick tip] Connect mysms with Google

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Today we’ve launched Google sign in for mysms Android phone and tablet applications as well as for the web app (it will follow soon for the other platforms). Here we’re going to show you how to connect with Google for a faster login.

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Google

Great! You no longer need to remember an additional password, as you can login with your Google account for mysms on any device. This means it basically doesn’t matter on which device you connect your accounts – once connected, you can make use of it on any device.


How to get started as an existing mysms users:

Open the mysms tablet or web app in your browser. If you’re already logged in, please sign out to show the start screen. Now click on the Google sign in button and, if necessary, choose the account you’d like to connect with mysms Google+ Sign in. As a last step type in your mysms account data (phone number and password) to complete the connection process. There you go! From now on you only need to press the button “Sign in with Google” to login to mysms.


You’re new to mysms?

Welcome! Before you’re able to sign in with your Google account, please register a mysms account on your smartphone. Download mysms for Android phone (Google sign in for iOS is coming soon) first. Choose your Google account on the start screen and go through the next steps of the registration process. After completing the general registration, you’ve successfully connected your Google account with mysms as well. Now you can try to send your first message remotely via the web, tablet or desktop apps. To login on your tablet or the web you only need to press the “Sign in with Google” button. Have fun!


To confirm the connection, you’ll receive a short email from mysms. You need help? Please contact us here.


Please note: If you’re using an iPhone or Windows Phone, you can only connect your mysms account with Google via the web or Android tablet app currently.

May 7, 2013

Widgets and Popup – Have easy access to your messages

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You know, we are working hard to provide you with an amazingly easy and fast texting experience –not only on your smartphone, but for all your devices. One thing that a lot of you requested was the provision of different widgets and pop-ups for Android. Since the popup and the widgets are now available for both Android phone and tablet, we’d like to have a deeper look on it to show you the different functionalities.

Access your messages via widgets or the popup

Access your messages via widgets or the popup

Widgets – Have the most important messages always right at your hand

Android phone and tablet

The 4×2 widgets are available for Android tablet and phone. These widgets are the best, if you want to have your messages always right on your fingertips. On both you see the number of unread messages and you have easy access to compose a new message as well as to the message view in the app by clicking on the message or conversation. In addition they are available in light or dark theme and can both be used on the lock-screen (> Android 4.2). However, our widgets differ in the following way:

mysms (Messages)
Widget Messages
The settings of this widget let you choose, whether you want to display the messages of all or only a specific contact. You want to see the unread messages only? No problem, because there is also an option available for this. Moreover, you can mark messages as read by tapping the check box.
mysms (Conversations)
Widgets Conversations
Ever wanted to have your conversations directly on the homescreen? If so, this widget might be perfect for you as it shows all your conversations (requires > Android 4.0)


Android phone

For Android phone there are two additional 1×1 widgets available. These widgets hardly need any space on your homescreen, but will make messaging much faster:

mysms (Icon)
Widget Icon
The “mysms (Icon)” is quite similar to the usual mysms app icon. However, the important detail of this widget is that it shows an unread message counter on the top right-hand side. This is the widget you might already know from our previous versions.
Update November 12, 2014: We recently added the unread message counter to the regular mysms app icon. That’s why this widget is no longer available seperately.
mysms (New text)
Widget New Text
Basically, the title here says all you need to know: Tap on this widget to open the new message view and start composing a new message without opening the app first.


Popup – Directly reply to your incoming messages

Android phone and tablet

mysms popup
We’ve released a completely revised version of the pop-up for Android phone recently and now also offer the same experience for Android tablet. The new popup not only shows the last incoming message of a contact, but the whole conversation. So you can scroll through your messages without opening the app. If you want to answer the incoming message, click on the input field to open the message view. Moreover, as you are used to from the widgets, it displays an unread message counter and you can decide whether you want to use it in lock-screen. The color scheme of the popup depends on the theme you choose.



If you haven’t done so, try the different themes and tell us what you think about the new widgets and popup!