May 7, 2013

Widgets and Popup – Have easy access to your messages

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You know, we are working hard to provide you with an amazingly easy and fast texting experience –not only on your smartphone, but for all your devices. One thing that a lot of you requested was the provision of different widgets and pop-ups for Android. Since the popup and the widgets are now available for both Android phone and tablet, we’d like to have a deeper look on it to show you the different functionalities.

Access your messages via widgets or the popup

Access your messages via widgets or the popup

Widgets – Have the most important messages always right at your hand

Android phone and tablet

The 4×2 widgets are available for Android tablet and phone. These widgets are the best, if you want to have your messages always right on your fingertips. On both you see the number of unread messages and you have easy access to compose a new message as well as to the message view in the app by clicking on the message or conversation. In addition they are available in light or dark theme and can both be used on the lock-screen (> Android 4.2). However, our widgets differ in the following way:

mysms (Messages)
Widget Messages
The settings of this widget let you choose, whether you want to display the messages of all or only a specific contact. You want to see the unread messages only? No problem, because there is also an option available for this. Moreover, you can mark messages as read by tapping the check box.
mysms (Conversations)
Widgets Conversations
Ever wanted to have your conversations directly on the homescreen? If so, this widget might be perfect for you as it shows all your conversations (requires > Android 4.0)


Android phone

For Android phone there are two additional 1×1 widgets available. These widgets hardly need any space on your homescreen, but will make messaging much faster:

mysms (Icon)
Widget Icon
The “mysms (Icon)” is quite similar to the usual mysms app icon. However, the important detail of this widget is that it shows an unread message counter on the top right-hand side. This is the widget you might already know from our previous versions.
Update November 12, 2014: We recently added the unread message counter to the regular mysms app icon. That’s why this widget is no longer available seperately.
mysms (New text)
Widget New Text
Basically, the title here says all you need to know: Tap on this widget to open the new message view and start composing a new message without opening the app first.


Popup – Directly reply to your incoming messages

Android phone and tablet

mysms popup
We’ve released a completely revised version of the pop-up for Android phone recently and now also offer the same experience for Android tablet. The new popup not only shows the last incoming message of a contact, but the whole conversation. So you can scroll through your messages without opening the app. If you want to answer the incoming message, click on the input field to open the message view. Moreover, as you are used to from the widgets, it displays an unread message counter and you can decide whether you want to use it in lock-screen. The color scheme of the popup depends on the theme you choose.



If you haven’t done so, try the different themes and tell us what you think about the new widgets and popup!