July 25, 2012

Share Your Happiest Moments with mysms Messenger

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We recently launched our mysms Messenger for iOS, promising you to develop multimedia features in the next version. Now here it is, with the new version you can send and receive pictures and share your happiest moments with your family and friends. Let them be near you, even when you’re away and make them happy with a snapshot you took with your iPhone.


mysms message with pictures and files attached


It goes like this:

I. Sending pictures from mysms for iPhone

To send a picture to a mysms friend you just:

1. Click on the iPhone Photo Button Button next to the text field of your mysms message.

2. Choose whether you want to take a photo or select one from your camera roll.


attach photo to a mysms message


3. Next, pick the picture you want to send.

4. Insert your recipient and hit send.



II. Sending pictures and files from mysms Web, Chrome, Facebook, Windows or Mac

You can also send multimedia messages from your desktop computer. It’s mere child’s play, you just:

1. Click on the Paperclip button Button next to the text field of your text message.


attach a photo or file to a message in the mysms web app


2. Choose the desired file format of your attachment in the new window. (If you are asking yourself why you can’t send files from your iPhone, that’s because there’s no file manager on your iPhone. Sending files works only in our web and desktop apps.)

3. Next, pick the picture or file you want to send.

4. Insert your recipient and text and there you go!


It’s as easy as that. Altogether you can send 4 images per message, 10 MB maximum per attached picture. Enjoy the new features of your mysms Messenger and feel free to give us feedback in the comments.


July 19, 2012

mysms Insights: Our New Office in Sunnyvale, CA

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The last month has been an exciting and busy time for the mysms team. We launched our mysms Messenger for iPhone, we packed our things and moved into a new stylish office at our headquarters in Graz, Austria and we started a satellite office in the heart of Silicon Valley, precisely in Sunnyvale, CA.

Favorite place in the office - the sunny terrace

Favorite place in the office - Martin and me on the sunny terrace

This is the first of two blog posts where we want to share with you some insights and pictures of our two new offices.

Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator located in Sunnyvale, CA.

Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator located in Sunnyvale, CA.


Why Sunnyvale? Not (only) because it’s sunny!

Being part of the initiative “Go Silicon Valley” of the Austrian Economic Chamber, we were one of 14 lucky startups that got selected for the program. We are now sharing the space in our Pavilion with five other Austrian companies that currently work here.

mysms is one of six companies currently working at the Austrian Pavilion.

mysms is one of six companies currently working at the Austrian Pavilion.

It’s only been two weeks now since we have opened the doors to office at Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. But I can already say we love the sunny weather, the open-minded people and the energy and innovative spirit that’s in the air.


What has happened so far?

We successfully fought the jet lag, met tons of other entrepreneurs, and went to exiting events like MobileBeat. But our story here has just begun, we’ll keep you updated.


Some of the over 30 international companies that are located at PnP

Some of the over 30 international companies that are located at PnP

Hope you enjoyed the journey and be prepared for our next blog post on our brand-new super-stylish office in Graz.

July 10, 2012

Meet our Brandnew mysms Messenger for iOS

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Samsung vs Apple, Apple vs HTC, all this rivalry and hassle is not how we roll. Au contraire, we want reconciliation and harmony between Android and Apple users. Today we make a first contribution to an amicable living together. We are releasing our mysms Messenger for iOS devices. Until now mysms’ core features have been available to Android users only. Now we bring many new features to the iPhone and revolutionize the relationship between Android and Apple fans.


Android + Apple = mysms friends

Android + Apple = mysms friends


  • With the new mysms Messenger iPhone users can now use the mysms web app, Chrome app, Facebook app and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Instead of annoying (mis)typing on the iPhone, messages can then be entered conveniently via the keyboard on the computer. Furthermore, our mysms Cloud is new for iOS users. Messages are synchronized seamlessly between smartphone, tablet and computer. Additionally, the inbox is synced and you get notified on all your devices when you receive a new message.


  • Also our popular service mysms friends is available for iPhone users now. Whether your recipient uses iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Facebook or Chrome – every text message is free of charge! Pretty cool, right? This means: texting for free to ALL mysms users until fingers are bleeding!


We are perfectly aware of the technical boundaries Apple sets upon us. Unfortunately not all SMS features we offer for Android are feasible for iOS. With the mysms Messenger we stick to our principles and enable our iPhone users to use the mysms Cloud and remote messaging. The mysms Messenger is now available for download in the iTunes App Store.

In the next few weeks we’ll add more features such as sending pictures and files. Also, we’re working on an optimized version for iPad. Stay tuned for future developments!




May 3, 2012

Wanna test our new mysms Messenger for iOS?

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Maybe you’ve already heard the rumours about us developing a new mysms app for iPhone. Well, now the beta version of our mysms Messenger for iOS is here. And it rocks!

Together with the German tech blog BestBoyZ we’re organizing a closed beta-test for you. Have a look at the features of mysms Messenger and sign up for a beta version at BestBoyZ latest blogpost. But watch out: only the first 50 will get access to our closed beta-test! So, hurry up 🙂


mysms Messenger beta version

mysms Messenger for iOS (beta)

April 18, 2012

Solution to the Contact Sync Issue

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Lately we’ve got several requests from our users claiming that some of their contacts are not synchronized to the mysms web app. You might have already recognized this problem. In some cases numbers are shown instead of contact names in your mysms web app. Or you might not be able to find your contact when you’re sending a new message from the web.

The source of this issue lies outside of mysms, in your contact app on your Android. In order to guard against confusion we’d like to give you a step by step solution on how to get all your contacts to all your mysms apps.

mysms sync Android web app


It’s important to know that we only sync those contacts to your mysms Facebook, tablet, desktop and web app that are visible in the contact list of your mysms Android app.

  • So first of all, please check if a certain contact (you think is missing in the web app) is in your mysms contact list.
  • You can do this by clicking on the “New Text” icon in your mysms Android app,
  • and entering your contact’s name. If you can’t find it, it is not in your contact list.

contacts sync mysms

check your contacts on mysms

If this is the case, your contact is probably not visible in your contact app either. Please do the following:

  • Open the contact app on your Android
  • Go to “Settings”, “Contacts to display” and activate the contacts that you would like to display (e.g. Google, phone and sim).
  • After activating the missing contacts, they will be visible in your mysms Android app.
  • Perform a manual sync and your contacts will be synchronized to your mysms Facebook, tablet, desktop and web app.


choose contacts to display

choose contacts to display


We hope this guide helps you solve your contact sync issue. If there’s anything else that bugs you or you’ve got a question or idea for us, please let us know on our mysms GetSatisfaction Feedback Page. We appreciate your feedback a lot and are happy to integrate your ideas into future product developments!