April 18, 2012

Solution to the Contact Sync Issue

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Lately we’ve got several requests from our users claiming that some of their contacts are not synchronized to the mysms web app. You might have already recognized this problem. In some cases numbers are shown instead of contact names in your mysms web app. Or you might not be able to find your contact when you’re sending a new message from the web.

The source of this issue lies outside of mysms, in your contact app on your Android. In order to guard against confusion we’d like to give you a step by step solution on how to get all your contacts to all your mysms apps.

mysms sync Android web app


It’s important to know that we only sync those contacts to your mysms Facebook, tablet, desktop and web app that are visible in the contact list of your mysms Android app.

  • So first of all, please check if a certain contact (you think is missing in the web app) is in your mysms contact list.
  • You can do this by clicking on the “New Text” icon in your mysms Android app,
  • and entering your contact’s name. If you can’t find it, it is not in your contact list.

contacts sync mysms

check your contacts on mysms

If this is the case, your contact is probably not visible in your contact app either. Please do the following:

  • Open the contact app on your Android
  • Go to “Settings”, “Contacts to display” and activate the contacts that you would like to display (e.g. Google, phone and sim).
  • After activating the missing contacts, they will be visible in your mysms Android app.
  • Perform a manual sync and your contacts will be synchronized to your mysms Facebook, tablet, desktop and web app.


choose contacts to display

choose contacts to display


We hope this guide helps you solve your contact sync issue. If there’s anything else that bugs you or you’ve got a question or idea for us, please let us know on our mysms GetSatisfaction Feedback Page. We appreciate your feedback a lot and are happy to integrate your ideas into future product developments!

  • http://tomalexdark.co.uk Tom Dark

    I have doubled checked that the contact is visible in the app, but it is still not displaying on the web interface. Suggestions?

    • http://tomalexdark.co.uk Tom Dark

      Nevermind, I logged out and back in again on the web interface and it is now working. My sincerest apologies!

  • AndroidAdvocate

    This guide does not help at all.

    Names are not showing for me etheir

    Which handset do you use? Nexus 5

    Do the names appear in the mobile app? Yes

    Do the names appear in the web app? No

    Have you tried to refresh the web app view with F5? Yes

    Have you tried to do a manual sync on your mobile? Yes

    This makes me feel frustrated

    • http://www.mysms.com/ mysms

      sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this sync issue. Please contact us on our support forum getsatisfaction.com/mysms. Our customer support will try to find a solution with you together.
      Thanks, your mysms team