July 10, 2012

Meet our Brandnew mysms Messenger for iOS

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Samsung vs Apple, Apple vs HTC, all this rivalry and hassle is not how we roll. Au contraire, we want reconciliation and harmony between Android and Apple users. Today we make a first contribution to an amicable living together. We are releasing our mysms Messenger for iOS devices. Until now mysms’ core features have been available to Android users only. Now we bring many new features to the iPhone and revolutionize the relationship between Android and Apple fans.


Android + Apple = mysms friends

Android + Apple = mysms friends


  • With the new mysms Messenger iPhone users can now use the mysms web app, Chrome app, Facebook app and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Instead of annoying (mis)typing on the iPhone, messages can then be entered conveniently via the keyboard on the computer. Furthermore, our mysms Cloud is new for iOS users. Messages are synchronized seamlessly between smartphone, tablet and computer. Additionally, the inbox is synced and you get notified on all your devices when you receive a new message.


  • Also our popular service mysms friends is available for iPhone users now. Whether your recipient uses iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Facebook or Chrome – every text message is free of charge! Pretty cool, right? This means: texting for free to ALL mysms users until fingers are bleeding!


We are perfectly aware of the technical boundaries Apple sets upon us. Unfortunately not all SMS features we offer for Android are feasible for iOS. With the mysms Messenger we stick to our principles and enable our iPhone users to use the mysms Cloud and remote messaging. The mysms Messenger is now available for download in the iTunes App Store.

In the next few weeks we’ll add more features such as sending pictures and files. Also, we’re working on an optimized version for iPad. Stay tuned for future developments!




  • Dub

    How can you have a blog post from 3days ago about iphone mysms when it doesn’t exist. I can’t find it in the app store. So what gives? I would love to test this product out and blast about it to others for them to use, but all I have is a bunch of writing that says it is out there and in reality it isn’t….. Any advice you have or info on getting it into the App store?? Would love to try this out. Thanks

    • Dub

      ahhhh……the sweet sigh of relief. I’ve found the app. I see that it looks diff than that of android with mysms messenger. I shall tweet all about it once I’ve gone through using it a bit. Thanks and apologies.

      • Lisa-Marie Leitner

        Hi, we’d appreciate your tweet and all other kinds of communication about our mysms Messenger. Cheers!

  • rtorchia

    Looks like mysms for iOS is not available to Canadians. Thanks Apple, this is why I dislike your products more and more each day…

  • Navraj Bawa

    Hi, I am an android user that switched back to IOS a week ago. With my android phone, I used MYSMS to send and receive text messages to the world in general. However, for IOS, it seems that I cannot use mysms to text people UNLESS they also have mysms installed. Is this correct? NEAL

    • Hello Navraj! Unfortunately, you’re right. Due to restrictions of Apple’s operating system third party apps like mysms are not allowed to access regular text messages. That’s why you are only able to send messages to other mysms users with the iPhone app.

      • Navraj Bawa

        Bummer !!

        Navraj ‘Neal’ Bawa