November 5, 2012

mysms now integrates with Evernote

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We are very excited to share our latest news with you. mysms now integrates with Evernote – a cloud service that helps you remember everything. The integration with Evernote enables you full archiving of text messages from any of our mobile applications directly to the cloud.

mysms integrates with Evernote

mysms integrates with Evernote


From the beginning our goal was to provide you with a service that frees your text messages from your mobile phone to the cloud. Being able to send and receive your text messages on all of your devices is the core of our product and the main reason why many of you love mysms. However, what was clearly missing was a searchable and portable archive for your messages – until now.


Why Evernote?

For most of us text messages are closely tied to your personal life. We share our most important moments by sending pictures, reach out for help when we need it or simply say hello when it’s been a while that we haven’t met a good friend.

When we are searching for an old message that contains an address, name or phone number that we desperately need, our messages become more than just a text. They become an extension of our memory. That is why Evernote is the ideal partner for us.


How it works

Once you connect your mysms account with Evernote, every new text message you send or receive will be automatically saved to your Evernote notebook called “mysms”. Every message thread with one of your contacts will be stored in a separate note. If your text messages include pictures, videos or other attachments, these files will also be saved to your Evernote notebook (without any size limits that you need to keep in mind). Within Evernote searching your texts is simple and easy, even if you are looking for a text in threads with a huge amount of messages.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect your mysms account with Evernote. If you need further help you can always reach out to us on our community page.


We are very excited about this release, and are curious what you think about it. Let us know in the comments!