August 2, 2012

mysms launches globally

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We’re experiencing exciting times here at mysms! A couple of weeks ago we officially launched our mysms apps globally and since then we haven’t slept a bit. A whole lot of new users all over the world have joined us and many international tech blogs covered our story. We are very happy and grateful about the massive support we’ve got from all of you! To let you all take part in the happenings around mysms of the last two weeks, we’d like to present you what’s been written about mysms on international blogs and social media.



mysms in the US press

Gizmodo says that mysms “gives texting a lot of the benefits of higher tech forms of communication”, is “a nice little service” and “seems to work pretty well”.


The Next Web calls mysms the “iMessage for the rest of us” and states that “WhatsApp will likely be given a run for its money here”.


What the Frenchies say about mysms

“If you’ve ever experienced the convenience of iMessage […] and wished that you had it on your non-Mac and non-iOS device you’re in luck; this is where mysms comes in” and „sounds pretty good to me“, says Liliane Nguyen from übergizmo.


mysms is best in app test in Germany

In a messaging app test of the German tech magazine Computerbild, mysms outperformed iMessage, Whatsapp, Chat On and Yuilop. We were ranked highest in operability, security and overall results. Awesome!


Additionally, Martin Weigert from Netzwertig says he “likes the path mysms opts for“ and thinks that our apps have “high potential”. We must admit, we really enjoy people praising us like that 😉


Massive mysms buzz in Indonesia

We were very pleased to discover quite an impressive buzz about mysms coming from Indonesian blogs. It’s a pleasure to hear that they consider mysms to be “useful” and “convenient” on the other side of the world!


Great International blog posts

Also, we are greatly honored that bloggers from countries with languages we have absolutely no clue about made the effort to write about mysms. In Russia they say that “Mysms: бесплатный сервис обмена сообщениями для iOS, Android, Mac, Windows и Chrome”, in Greece they think that “Συγχρονίστε τα SMS μηνύματα στο cloud με το MySMS” and our Chinese friends write “MySMS:类iMessage的跨平台短信同步服务”, – we reckon this must be extremely positive 😉


Social Media buzz from you guys

Besides all these great blogposts, we paid most of our attention to you and your opinions you shared on several social media platforms. Some of your tweets and posts made us so happy that we’d like to share them here on our blog:





Of course, we haven’t only listened to the praise about mysms, but are also very thankful for all your constructive criticism! We take all your opinions seriously and hope you will continue sharing your thoughts about mysms on our GetSatisfaction Page. Thanks!