August 8, 2012

mysms Insights: Our New Office in Graz, Austria

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As we‘ve already mentioned in our last mysms insights blogpost about our new office in Sunnyvale, CA, we also moved our headquarters to a new office in Graz, Austria. On a very summery Friday in June the whole team packed their traps and left the old mysms masonry.

packing our things in the old mysms office

Busy bees in the old mysms office

Packed with all our belongings we moved to a very stylish and completely new office in the South of the city. We carried, we schlepped, we packed, we unpacked, we cleared out, we assembled and at the end of the day we were exhausted and happy. The result is nothing to sneeze at. Look and see!


Chill out area new mysms UT11 office

We love our new chill-out area

This is our chill-out area, where we relax, have coffee and discuss ideas. Pretty comfy, don’t you think?


mysms development team

Our developers @ work

This is where the magic happens 😉 – our development team, who makes sure mysms works properly and builds new features and apps for our users.


mysms meeting room

Video-conferencing in our new meeting room

In our two meeting rooms we come together, brainstorm, discuss concepts and skype with colleagues and partners all over the world.


Our slogan, logo and values cover our walls and represent the spirit of the team.

UT11 slogan

UT11 logo

UT11 value cloud


In a nutshell, we love our new office and feel at ease with it. If you are curious and happen to be in Graz one day, feel free to stop by! 😉