May 23, 2013

[quick tip] We want to hear from you!

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Have you already discovered our feedback function within mysms? No matter if you want to leave praise or a request regarding your experience – get in touch with us. Let us show you how to do so!

Let us know what you think of mysms

Let us know what you think of mysms

Thumbs up!

Hopefully, everything is working smoothly and you’d like to tell others that mysms is simply awesome. However, we’re here to help if you’re experiencing an issue. In the mysms app for iPhone and iPad you’ll find the feedback button right at the top bar (thumbs up icon). The same feature is available for Android phone in the menu under “Feedback”.


When you tap on the feedback button, you have two different choices:

  • “Do you like mysms?”
    Awesome! Spread the word and tell your friends about mysms! We would really appreciate your 5 star rating in the Google Play or Apple App Store. In addition you can share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email.


  • “There is a problem…”
    That’s a pity, but we’re sure we will find a solution together with you. You can also check our FAQ’s or the threads on our feedback platform. If you contact us via email please keep in mind that we are only humans, so be a little patient. On weekdays you should receive feedback within 24 hours.


Also on the web and desktop app, you’ll find the option “Feedback” in the settings. You’re directed to our feedback platform, where you can also vote for new features.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

May 16, 2013

[quick tip] Connect mysms with Google

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Today we’ve launched Google sign in for mysms Android phone and tablet applications as well as for the web app (it will follow soon for the other platforms). Here we’re going to show you how to connect with Google for a faster login.

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Google

Great! You no longer need to remember an additional password, as you can login with your Google account for mysms on any device. This means it basically doesn’t matter on which device you connect your accounts – once connected, you can make use of it on any device.


How to get started as an existing mysms users:

Open the mysms tablet or web app in your browser. If you’re already logged in, please sign out to show the start screen. Now click on the Google sign in button and, if necessary, choose the account you’d like to connect with mysms Google+ Sign in. As a last step type in your mysms account data (phone number and password) to complete the connection process. There you go! From now on you only need to press the button “Sign in with Google” to login to mysms.


You’re new to mysms?

Welcome! Before you’re able to sign in with your Google account, please register a mysms account on your smartphone. Download mysms for Android phone (Google sign in for iOS is coming soon) first. Choose your Google account on the start screen and go through the next steps of the registration process. After completing the general registration, you’ve successfully connected your Google account with mysms as well. Now you can try to send your first message remotely via the web, tablet or desktop apps. To login on your tablet or the web you only need to press the “Sign in with Google” button. Have fun!


To confirm the connection, you’ll receive a short email from mysms. You need help? Please contact us here.


Please note: If you’re using an iPhone or Windows Phone, you can only connect your mysms account with Google via the web or Android tablet app currently.

April 24, 2013

[quick tip] Send free invitations to your contacts

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The more friends you have the more fun it is! As you know you can send free messages to other mysms users. Especially if you are an iPhone or Windows Phone user, it’s favorable for you to invite your friends to use mysms as well. Today, we’ll show you how to do so!

Invite your friends to mysms

Invite your friends to mysms

mysms allows you to send free invitations to all your contacts, no matter if you’re an Android phone, iPhone or Windows Phone user.


Android: In the conversation overview you’ll find the friends button on the right-hand side on top. Scroll to the section “Invite more friends” and click on a contact to send a free invitation. Moreover, next to the group chat button, we provide you with the possibility to send invitations via email or SMS/text. (Please note: If you send an invitation via SMS/text, your existing mobile agreement will be used).


iPhone: Select “mysms friends” in the conversation overview and choose a contact from the list. Additionally, you can tell your friends about mysms on Facebook or Twitter. Just tap on the “thumbs up” icon in the conversation overview.


Windows Phone: Open the conversation overview and wipe to the right. Here you can send free invitations to any of your contacts.


Even on the tablet and desktop apps you’ll find a friends list, where you can send invitations to your contacts from (Android tablet: coming soon).


So, tell your friends about mysms! After one of your contacts has set up an account, you’ll be informed about your new mysms friend.

April 11, 2013

[quick tip] Personalize the mysms app for Android phone

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Are you already using our latest mysms version for Android? We received a lot of positive feedback regarding the new features and the redesigned standard theme – thanks so much! Beyond providing you with a cool new standard design, you can personalize mysms with three different themes: Dark Theme, Tron Theme and Pink Theme.

Use the new mysms themes!

Use the new mysms themes!

In case you haven’t recognized how to make use of these themes yet, we’ll show you how to do it:

  • Click on Menu to open the mysms settings
  • Choose the submenu “Theme” (under “other settings”)
  • Select “Find more themes” to open the available mysms themes in the Google Play Store
  • Install your favorite ones
  • Go back to mysms and open the submenu “Theme” again
  • Now you can choose from the themes you’ve downloaded recently


Moreover, if you think that changing the color scheme and the general appearance by using themes is not enough, you’ll find an option in the mysms settings (“other settings”) that allows you to set your individual wallpaper for the message view. Of course this setting is available for the standard theme as well.


Please note: We’ve received some feedback from users who have experienced issues with the updated Dark theme. So if you’ve been using the mysms Dark theme with older versions of mysms, make sure you update both the general mysms app for Android and mysms – Dark Theme. Otherwise, the app isn’t displayed properly and the settings won’t be shown. After installing both updates, everything should work smoothly.


We would like to provide you with an additional theme soon. But we need your help for this. We published our suggestions in our latest blog post on Monday, so leave your vote for your favorite one here!

March 20, 2013

[quick tip] Customize sound notifications (iOS)

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As many of our iPhone or iPad users asked us to provide more possibilities for customized sound notifications, we recently extended the notification settings on iOS.

Extended notification settings

Extended notification settings

It is really simple: Just open the mysms settings and choose “Notifications”. There you can set individual sounds for your messages. On both mysms for iPhone and iPad we provide you with the following possibilities:

  • Sound notifications for single messages
  • Sound notifications for group messages
  • Notifications for multiple new messages in one thread
  • Enable sound or vibrate when app is open


The most expressed wish was to be able to choose different sounds for single and group messages. So, we hope you like this new feature 🙂


As you can see, the feedback from our users is really important to us. Therefore, visit our feedback-platform to vote for existing ideas or to leave new suggestions!