March 20, 2013

[quick tip] Customize sound notifications (iOS)

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As many of our iPhone or iPad users asked us to provide more possibilities for customized sound notifications, we recently extended the notification settings on iOS.

Extended notification settings

Extended notification settings

It is really simple: Just open the mysms settings and choose “Notifications”. There you can set individual sounds for your messages. On both mysms for iPhone and iPad we provide you with the following possibilities:

  • Sound notifications for single messages
  • Sound notifications for group messages
  • Notifications for multiple new messages in one thread
  • Enable sound or vibrate when app is open


The most expressed wish was to be able to choose different sounds for single and group messages. So, we hope you like this new feature 🙂


As you can see, the feedback from our users is really important to us. Therefore, visit our feedback-platform to vote for existing ideas or to leave new suggestions!