April 24, 2013

[quick tip] Send free invitations to your contacts

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The more friends you have the more fun it is! As you know you can send free messages to other mysms users. Especially if you are an iPhone or Windows Phone user, it’s favorable for you to invite your friends to use mysms as well. Today, we’ll show you how to do so!

Invite your friends to mysms

Invite your friends to mysms

mysms allows you to send free invitations to all your contacts, no matter if you’re an Android phone, iPhone or Windows Phone user.


Android: In the conversation overview you’ll find the friends button on the right-hand side on top. Scroll to the section “Invite more friends” and click on a contact to send a free invitation. Moreover, next to the group chat button, we provide you with the possibility to send invitations via email or SMS/text. (Please note: If you send an invitation via SMS/text, your existing mobile agreement will be used).


iPhone: Select “mysms friends” in the conversation overview and choose a contact from the list. Additionally, you can tell your friends about mysms on Facebook or Twitter. Just tap on the “thumbs up” icon in the conversation overview.


Windows Phone: Open the conversation overview and wipe to the right. Here you can send free invitations to any of your contacts.


Even on the tablet and desktop apps you’ll find a friends list, where you can send invitations to your contacts from (Android tablet: coming soon).


So, tell your friends about mysms! After one of your contacts has set up an account, you’ll be informed about your new mysms friend.