January 16, 2014

[quick tip] Keep an overview of your MMS usage

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With the support of Android 4.4 KitKat, we’ve implemented the feature to send regular MMS on any device. Do you want to know how many MMS you send within a month? Just have a look at the overview of your MMS usage in the mysms settings.

SMS & MMS usage overview

SMS & MMS usage overview)

As mentioned in one of our previous quick tips, the menu “SMS & MMS usage” can be found under “Sending messages” in the mysms settings on your Android phone. To keep track of the amount of sent MMS, we added the overview of your MMS usage. This allows you to have both your sent SMS as well as MMS under control. In addition you can check how many messages you’ve sent directly from your phone and how many you’ve sent remotely (via your desktop, tablet, web).


How many messages do you send on average during one month? We would be very curious 🙂

January 9, 2014

[quick tip] (De-)activate toast message “Your text has been sent”

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Toast messages serve as a confirmation that a specific action has been completed. Within the mysms Android phone app these notifications are available for sent messages both via your mobile carrier and via mysms friends. With today’s quick tip we’d like to show how to (de-)activate these messages.

Toast message

Toast message

We provide you with a toast notification for messages to let you know that the sending process of a message has been completed. This notification appears in a grey box on the bottom of the app with the note “Your text has been sent”.

Basically, this message confirms that the message has been sent successfully. It can be useful when you send messages on your desktop or tablet or when you have a poor mobile signal. Anyway, some of you asked for an option to disable it. Especially when you text a lot it can be annoying, if you receive this toast message while composing another reply or new message (as it overlays the keyboard). That’s why we’ve implemented a new setting. Under “Expert settings” in the mysms Android phone app, you’ll find an option called “Show toast message”. If you disable it, the toast message won’t be displayed any longer when sending a message.


We are always trying to improve our app by including your suggestions. Therefore, we’d like to thank our community for that feedback!

December 18, 2013

[quick tip] Send & receive regular MMS on any device

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The latest update for Android phone includes the full integration of the MMS support, which means that you’re now also able to send attachments as MMS on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

mysms now fully supports MMS

mysms now fully supports MMS

mysms serves as your default SMS app on your smartphone giving you a much richer messaging experience than you are used to from your preinstalled SMS app. We have already supported sending and receiving attachments, but with the version 5.1.0 we added the last piece of the puzzle  – the option to send regular MMS.


These are the two possibilities that you can choose from in the mysms settings when using the latest update:

Send attachments via MMS

We’ve included an option in the mysms settings which is called “Send MMS”. This enables you to send regular MMS on any device. Depending on your operator, you can define the maximum MMS size in “Advanced settings”.

We’d recommend activating the option “Auto-retrieve” in the advanced settings, so that incoming MMS are downloaded automatically. If you receive a picture, you just open it to save it in the mysms folder in your Android gallery.


Send attachments via SMS

This is the way of sending attachments which you already know from earlier versions. If you disable the option “Send MMS” in the mysms phone settings, multimedia files are sent as a link as part of a normal text. This means you will only get charged for an SMS instead of an MMS. You can send four pictures or files per text message and 10 MB maximum per attached file.

If the recipient uses mysms, your files will be displayed directly in the message. If your recipient is not using mysms, she/he will receive your files as a link. After clicking this link, she/he will be shown the full picture/file.


This feature should be an enhancement for you, if you love to send and receive MMS and if you use mysms with Android KitKat 4.4. In case you have any feedback for us regarding the MMS feature, we’ll be there for you on our feedback platform.

November 27, 2013

[quick tip] Mirror your calls from one phone to another phone

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Do you own two phones with two different numbers? Isn’t it annoying to take both phones with you all the time? Imagine how convenient it would be to manage all your messages and even calls from both devices on one single phone. This is possible with mysms mirror!

Manage calls from two phones on one single device

Manage calls from two phones on one single device


mysms mirror is an SMS extension for mysms on your second phone. As you might already know, it allows you to manage your texts from two phones. With the latest update we’ve added a great feature to manage also calls from your other phone. So mysms mirror makes it obsolete to take two phones with you and allows you to handle messages and calls from one smartphone.


How to get notified on calls

Please make sure you’re using the latest versions of both the mysms app for Android phone and mysms mirror for Android phone (the feature will be available for mysms mirror for iPhone soon. Update: It’s already available on the Apple App Store). You will notice that mysms mirror shows a phone icon. Tap on this icon to show your complete call log from your other phone and to start a call. When someone calls you, a popup will be displayed, where you have the options to mute (yellow button) or dismiss (red button) a call. Additionally you can start a callback or respond with a message.

By using this feature you will never miss a call or a message from your other phone. The call feature is also available for Android tablet, Windows 8, Windows 7/XP, Mac and the web app.


A short hint: To make use of the whole call feature set on every device, go to the mysms phone settings and enable the option “Remote call” in addition to “Call log”. This option allows you to start calls directly from your tablet and desktop in addition to notifications on incoming and missed calls.


Have you already tried the call feature on any device? We’d be curious what you think about it. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


Update October 9, 2014: Starting today we are introducing a new Premium model that will be different to the Premium that we presented in this post. mysms mirror is one of many features that is included in the newly introduced Premium offer. Find more information about mysms Premium here.

October 23, 2013

[quick tip] Multiple pictures are now shown in an album (Android phone)

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We love sharing our greatest moments as pictures via mysms. How about you? Until one of the latest updates, every single photo had to be opened separately to watch it full screen. So the view of multiple pics was kind of annoying for some of you. That’s why we provide you with this news 🙂

Swipe left and right to view the pics

Swipe left and right to view the pics


Showing your friends where you are and what you experience at this very moment is very easy with mysms. The cool thing is that the attachments are sent via a link. So if you send them via your mobile carrier, you will only get charged as usual for an SMS instead of an MMS.


Since one of the latest updates, multiple pictures are shown in an album on mysms for Android phone. That means you don’t need to open each file separately. Simply open one picture and swipe to the left or right to view the other ones.


We hope you like that improvement!