January 16, 2014

[quick tip] Keep an overview of your MMS usage

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With the support of Android 4.4 KitKat, we’ve implemented the feature to send regular MMS on any device. Do you want to know how many MMS you send within a month? Just have a look at the overview of your MMS usage in the mysms settings.

SMS & MMS usage overview

SMS & MMS usage overview)

As mentioned in one of our previous quick tips, the menu “SMS & MMS usage” can be found under “Sending messages” in the mysms settings on your Android phone. To keep track of the amount of sent MMS, we added the overview of your MMS usage. This allows you to have both your sent SMS as well as MMS under control. In addition you can check how many messages you’ve sent directly from your phone and how many you’ve sent remotely (via your desktop, tablet, web).


How many messages do you send on average during one month? We would be very curious 🙂