November 15, 2012

Let’s get in touch!

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We always try to make you, our users, happy with mysms.  Even though we’re doing our best and are constantly improving mysms, there are times where you have suggestions or issues that we should know about. This is the time when we are pleased with your help and your feedback on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Get Satisfaction, e-mail and so on.

Did you know that there are six different ways to get in touch with us?

Did you know that there are six different ways to get in touch with us?

At the moment we’ve got nine different mysms apps that run on five different operating systems. These should make your everyday communication easier and more convenient. We are improving our apps steadily and therefore, we need you! Your feedback shows us which features you really enjoy, what you’d additionally like to have in the future or where you experience issues. That’s why we appreciate your feedback!


If you want to post an enquiry, there are many ways how you can get in a dialogue with us. We want to give you a short overview of these platforms:


Are you already our fan or are you following our tweets? Just join our pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and get our latest news. In addition, we love to entertain you and provide you with updates from the mobile and digital world. On these platforms it’s easy to post short questions or leave some kind words.


You love our app and want to let us know about it? You’d like to have some additional features? You experience some issues or recognize a bug?

Get Satisfaction is literally the best platform to leave feedback. This is our feedback panel, where you can easily post suggestions, problems or even praise :). You can not only get easily in touch with us, but also with other users. It’s possible to state suggestions or vote for existing ideas of other users to show that these are important to you, too. Additionally, you can post an issue that you experience or search for common problems in order to find an answer in an existing thread.


  • E-Mail – for your sensitive enquiries

In some special cases it might be better to start a private conversation via e-mail. We’ve got different e-mail addresses that depend on the device you are using (,, This channel is helpful to solve specific issues, where sensitive data (e.g. your phone number) is needed in order to find a solution.


  • Blog – all about mysms and the mobile world

Last but not least, here on our blog we keep you up to date about relevant mobile topics and mysms as well. For every major release you will find detailed information on our new features. You can also post your comments on related posts and discuss with other readers, of course.


Your feedback is valuable for both you and our team. We’re happy to help you with your problems, get suggestions for new features or just receive some praise for our work. On the other hand, with your input you help us improving our app and get a texting app that meets your desires. So what are you waiting for, just get in touch with us!

November 5, 2012

mysms now integrates with Evernote

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We are very excited to share our latest news with you. mysms now integrates with Evernote – a cloud service that helps you remember everything. The integration with Evernote enables you full archiving of text messages from any of our mobile applications directly to the cloud.

mysms integrates with Evernote

mysms integrates with Evernote


From the beginning our goal was to provide you with a service that frees your text messages from your mobile phone to the cloud. Being able to send and receive your text messages on all of your devices is the core of our product and the main reason why many of you love mysms. However, what was clearly missing was a searchable and portable archive for your messages – until now.


Why Evernote?

For most of us text messages are closely tied to your personal life. We share our most important moments by sending pictures, reach out for help when we need it or simply say hello when it’s been a while that we haven’t met a good friend.

When we are searching for an old message that contains an address, name or phone number that we desperately need, our messages become more than just a text. They become an extension of our memory. That is why Evernote is the ideal partner for us.


How it works

Once you connect your mysms account with Evernote, every new text message you send or receive will be automatically saved to your Evernote notebook called “mysms”. Every message thread with one of your contacts will be stored in a separate note. If your text messages include pictures, videos or other attachments, these files will also be saved to your Evernote notebook (without any size limits that you need to keep in mind). Within Evernote searching your texts is simple and easy, even if you are looking for a text in threads with a huge amount of messages.


Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect your mysms account with Evernote. If you need further help you can always reach out to us on our community page.


We are very excited about this release, and are curious what you think about it. Let us know in the comments!

October 23, 2012

mysms goes premium – working on native tablet apps

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Dear mysms users,

the last months have shown tremendous growth for mysms. We have more than doubled the number of users connected to the mysms cloud, and the messaging volume overall has more than tripled. Most importantly to us, we achieved new highs in customer satisfaction measured by app store reviews. Thank you for the trust put in us and I want to assure you that we keep on working hard to provide the best-in-class messaging experience to you in future.

mysms goes premium

mysms  – our next steps


We started the mysms journey one and a half years ago with a clear vision in mind – to bring text messaging to the cloud, meaning to enable our users to send and receive messages on all their devices wherever they are. What we did not have right from the beginning was a clear business model. mysms is still free to all of you and also free of advertising. We have analyzed what you are expecting from a service like mysms and decided to take mysms to the next level throughout the coming weeks. What does this mean for you?


1.) Native apps for iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8 tablet and desktop

The rise of tablets is a fact. Until now our web app was available to iPad users and on Android we wrapped the web app into a tablet optimized app and added native notifications. We are well aware that this is not the best user experience and think that you deserve something better. Moreover, Microsoft started to roll out Windows 8 for tablet and desktop devices. Taking all this together we decided to build the best native tablet and desktop apps for sending & receiving text messages currently available. Those apps will be made available to you gradually over the coming months and we strive to have the full portfolio completed by the end of the year.


2.) Introducing our premium business model

We are currently syncing more than 300.000.000 messages across our servers. At this point we think it is fair to charge for our service. Therefore, starting from today, we will introduce a dead simple premium model. The use of all smartphone applications (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) and the use of our web app will remain free to all of you. All tablet and desktop apps that come with native notifications will be available at a price between 3€ and 5€. The first app to go premium is the version for the Apple Mac App Store. All other apps (Android tablet, iPad, Windows 8 for tablet and desktop) will go premium as they become available.


These changes will allow us to provide you with a fantastic user experience across all your connected devices and at the same time have our service completely free of advertising.


We are more enthusiastic than ever about the future of mysms and hope that you will continue going our journey with us throughout the next years. It’s great to count on your support.



Martin (CEO mysms)


Update October 9, 2014: Starting today we are introducing a new Premium model that will be different to the Premium that we presented in this post. We are switching from on-off app purchases to a subscription based model. What does not change is that it’s always your decision to go Premium or not. We offer the basic version of mysms for free and are not planning to change this. Find more information about mysms Premium here.

October 16, 2012

We’ve got a new mysms team member

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Today we have great news for you. mysms is growing constantly in terms of users and our very own team is becoming bigger and bigger. Please give a warm welcome to our newest and youngest team member – Silvia



Silvia joined mysms to reinforce the Marketing team this October. She’ll be the new face behind the mysms social media appearance. You’d like to know more? Here it is:


What is your role at mysms?

I’m responsible for our mysms social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Additionally, I’ll cope with your issues, questions and suggestions on our feedback platform Well, and the reason why this blog post about me is published here is that from now on I’ll also provide you deeper information about relevant topics via our mysms blog.


What‘s your intention?

I’d like to share my passion for mysms and topics regarding the mobile and digital world. You should be on top of information and get quick answers on our different platforms. Furthermore, it should be easy to get in touch with mysms, whenever you have a question – also when it is just a short one.


What topics are you going to cover?

Based on our different platforms I’m going to share new releases or features of mysms, news from the digital and mobile industry as well as entertaining content. Moreover, I’ll provide you deeper information about relevant and the latest topics on this blog. You know a topic that you want to learn more about? Please let me know! Additionally, I’ll answer your requests on our social media channels and on our mysms feedback-platform I’ll be one of the interfaces between you and the mysms team – I’m here to help.


What do you like beyond the work at mysms?

I’m currently doing my Masters in International Marketing and I am discovering and extending my passion for the mobile and digital industry. In my freetime I love singing in an ensemble to beautify someone’s wedding or other events. Moreover, I do some sports to find the right balance.


I cannot wait to talk to you on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as on and discuss what’s hot in mobile on this blog. Come and join our community and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!


Read you soon, Silvia

September 27, 2012

Top 5 Smartphone Accessories

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Nowadays our smartphones are all-rounders, they combine several gadgets in one and seem to master everything we need. However, every now and then even our omniscient personal assistants can use a little support themselves. There are several useful smartphone accessories on the market and I’d like to present you my personal top 5.


Top 5 smartphone accessories


1) Camera Lenses for Smartphones

Camera Lense Smartphone Accessory
Although smartphone cameras are getting better, they just can’t replace DSLRs or bridgecams. With Onchee’s camera lenses you get at least a little professional feeling when pulling the tiny trigger on your mobile. You simply screw the lense into the opening over the camera and there you go. For the fun of it, there are several different kinds of lenses: fisheyes, wide angles and various telephoto lenses. They’re all tiny and easy to carry with you. I think I could acquire a taste for it and leave my bridgecam at home every now and then. What about you?


2) Smartphone Car Mount

Smartphone Car Mount for Android phones
Car mounts for smartphones have become a basic must-have accessory, and rightly so. They bring our mobiles into their perfect position to navigate us and keep us from talking and texting while driving. If you’ve got a Bluetooth connection to your car stereo or a hands-free car kit, you can easily take and make calls without holding your phone. This handy gadget should really be found in every car.


3) AirCurve Play Speaker

AirCurve Play Speakers for iPhone
If you are an iPhone user, you might find this little smartphone accessory quite useful. This speaker works without wires or batteries. You just slip your iPhone into your AirCurve speaker and there you go. Due to its acoustic spiral the sound of your phone will be ten decibels louder.  An innovative, green and geeky little gadget!


4) Gym running sport armband case

Gym running sport armband case
For all the sports(wo)men among us the gym running sport armband case is a must-have smartphone accessory. It just makes our exercise, gym and running hours so much more fun and convenient. Not only can I listen to my favorite tunes, but I can also use apps like runtastic while running. In combination with Nike’s tracking sport kit you can really enjoy a great sport 2.0 experience.


5) Bluetooth handset and base with Smartphone dock

Bluetooth handset and base with Smartphone dock
This award-winning device is – in most cases – unnecessary, but very stylish and great fun. And to be honest, having a phone call with the MM03i (by Native Union) is quite convenient and cosy. It comes with an integrated charger and is said to reduce radiation exposure. Although its name is not as innovative as the device itself, it is an eye-catcher in every home or office.


These 5 devices are my personal 5 must have smartphone accessories. You might find some of them very helpful, others maybe just for fun. However, I’d like to know which accessory you couldn’t live without or which one you tried and found unnecessary. Let me know in the comments.