December 6, 2012

[quick tip] Change display name and photo

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Did you know you can change the display name of contacts in our web and desktop apps? You can also add a standardized pic, if you don’t use a contact photo for this person on your phone.

Change display name and picJust click on the avatar next to the contact name. A new window will appear, where you can change the web display name. Additionally, you can choose from eight different standardized pics.

December 5, 2012

mysms has already sync’d more than 500M messages

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We are very glad to announce that we have already synced more than half a billion text & multimedia messages in our mysms cloud. Especially in the last few months, the number of messages has exploded on all platforms which makes us truly proud. But not only the amount of messages has been growing fast, also the number of users. You probably have noticed that more and more mysms friends show up in your mysms app.

mysms is growing increasingly

mysms is growing increasingly

We’re currently available in over 200 countries worldwide and provide our apps in seven different languages. Just a short note: We would enjoy translating our apps in more languages. So, if you are a talented linguistic and if you’re interested in helping us on a long term basis, just contact us. Since the start of the Android and the Web App in June 2011, we have been improving our app constantly and we’re currently providing our app for eight different mobile and desktop platforms. That enables you to send and receive text messages truly platform independent on any device.

Well, we hope that you enjoy our app as much as we do. Now check out our mysms infographic to get to know our most important milestones:

mysms milestones

mysms milestones

December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, SMS!

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Congratulations! Text messaging celebrates its 20th birthday today. Hard to believe that it’s been already 20 years, when it was possible for the first time to send 160 characters via a mobile phone. Can you imagine living without text messaging? In this case you wouldn’t be able to send short updates when coming too late or arrange meetings without making a phone call. Text messaging makes us more flexible in our day-to-day communication. But how did it all start and what will be the role of SMS messaging in the future?

Let's celebrate!

Let’s celebrate!


The origins reach back to 1984, when a Finish engineer started a discussion about the idea of a messaging service at a mobile telecom conference in Copenhagen. However, the first text message was sent on 3rd December 1992 by the Vodafone technician Neil Papworth. “Merry Christmas” were the words he sent via the new transmission technology Short Message Service (SMS). These two words were the foundation for a service which people can’t imagine living without nowadays.


Texts or short messages (SMS) are a way of communication to exchange messages via mobile phones or from a computer to mobile phones. The word “short” stands for the maximum of 160 characters that could be used at its start. At the beginning text messaging was free of charge and mainly used to inform subscribers about waiting voicemails. As you can see on the chart, it took a while until texting became the most popular form of communication. From the first sent message in 1992 SMS traffic increased steadily up to over 8 trillion texts in 2012. Nowadays, every single user of a mobile phone is able to send and receive texts. And with the emerging trend towards using smartphones instead of simple feature phones (and the associated constant internet connection), new technologies like instant and OTT messages are becoming increasingly important. Just like with mysms friends, it is possible to transfer messages worldwide for free via data connection. In addition some implementations for the keyboard, like T9 or Swype have been relieved the handling of text messaging and made it more convenient over time. Furthermore, you are able to send even more than 160 characters and you could send them via any device nowadays.


When we started with mysms our goal was to bring the advantages of both worlds (SMS and instant messaging) to one single product. By using our app you can send not only texts via your mobile carrier, but also instant and multimedia messages (mysms friends messages) to other mysms users via data connection. In addition, times where you have to write messages on a small keyboard on your phone are also enhanced by the possibility to write texts and messages on your computer or tablet as well.


Despite the fast moving world of technology, texting is still the world’s most used form of digital communication, over 8 trillion texts are sent every year and it still connects more people than every other messaging service e.g. Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, text messaging has been proven to be as addictive as smoking cigarettes. We believe texting will continue to be popular in the future and will be endorsed by instant and OTT messages.

We are looking forward to congratulate the SMS to its 30th Birthday.

November 28, 2012

mysms quick tips – learn more about mysms

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Hey folks, we’d like you to know everything about mysms. That’s why we share mysms quick tips with you. These tips will contain basic features as well as hints regarding functions that might not be natural or visible at first sight.

know everything about mysms

know everything about mysms


The first mysms quick tip that we introduced last week was about sending attachments via the web app:

mysms quick tip #1

Did you know you can send any file type via the mysms web and desktop apps? Just click on the paperclip above the send button to attach your files.


Send any file types via the mysms web and desktop apps

Send any file types via the mysms web and desktop apps


Of course, we’ve got a new one for you today:

mysms quick tip #2

If you get a new mobile with a new number, you do not need to worry about your texts. Just download mysms on your new phone, login with your previous number and wait until the sync of your messages has completely finished. Afterwards, the last 1000 messages are sync’d from the mysms cloud to your new phone and all your other messages will still be visible on the web. Finally, update your number in the mysms settings. Simply click on “edit account information” and enter your new phone number.


Transfer your messages to your new phone

Transfer your messages to your new phone

With these tips you will get some advice or might discover some unknown features of our mysms app. Let us know if you want information about a special feature!

November 23, 2012

Will the mobile web really replace desktop internet?

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What kind of device do you use to surf the net? Are you still mainly using your computer or have you switched to your mobile gadgets? It seems that the importance of desktop internet will fade into the background, as the mobile internet usage has been increasing dramatically in recent years. Since many people own smartphones and tablets nowadays, it is becoming easier to access the internet from any place you are. However, will mobile internet really overtake the desktop use by 2015 as recent forecasts suggest?

The Rise of the Mobile Web

The Rise of the Mobile Web

There are a few indicators that demonstrate mobile internet is becoming more and more popular. Nearly half of the world’s population has access to 3G mobile networks now, and also the connection and downstream speed is improving. Based on the fact that more smartphones and tablets are being shipped compared to desktop and notebook PCs, it’s not surprising that the monthly global mobile data traffic has doubled within the last year. In some emerging countries like Egypt, India or South Africa, a high percentage of people only surf the net via mobile web. But interestingly, also one out of four US Americans rarely or never uses a computer to access the web.

Have a look at this infographic to form your own opinion about the mobile web. By the way, I am very curious on which device you’re reading this blog post 😉

The takeover of mobile internet
The takeover of mobile internet