November 13, 2013

[quick tip] Get notified on incoming texts using the DashClock widget

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mysms provides you with several widgets that can be used on your home or even on the lock screen. Anyway, if you’re a DashClock user, you might also like to display your incoming messages there.

DashClock notifes you on incoming texts

DashClock notifes you on incoming texts


Basically DashClock is a replacement for your lock screen clock widget and is available for Android phones and tablets that run Android 4.2 or higher. As we have integrated this widget for our mysms services (Android phone, Android tablet and mysms mirror for Android), it can now also show your new incoming texts.


If you’re using this widget already, you need to download the DashClock widget on your tablet or phone first. After positioning on your home or lock screen, open the DashClock settings. Click on “Add another extension” and search for mysms or mysms mirror. After adding it to your list, you can enable or disable options like the privacy mode.


Now you’re ready to go. The DashClock widget displays either a mysms icon with a badge that shows the number of unread messages or the sender’s name with the message content (depending on the privacy settings).  A tap on the notification directly opens the app. So you’re able to to read the whole text or to compose and send an answer immediately.


We hope that this implementation helps you to manage your messages even faster.