July 24, 2014

Improved texting experience on your Windows 7/XP PC

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mysms users already know that texting on a computer or tablet is awesome. Once you’ve tried it, you don’t want to miss it anymore. After installing mysms on your Android phone, you can send and receive your SMS messages on any other web-enabled device, like your Android tablet, iPad, Windows 8 PC, Mac etc. Today we are releasing a new version of our Windows 7 app, which you can install right away. We are keen to show what has changed.


Why should you use the mysms app for Windows 7/XP?

Our mysms desktop apps are the most convenient way to text while you are in front of a PC. Our apps, which are available for the most popular platforms, allow you to make use of great native features. Modify your notification settings or choose to open the app at the Windows startup and you won’t miss a text and even your calls anymore. We here at mysms want to provide you with the most convenient way to text from all your devices.


What’s new in this version?

During the last month we collected a lot of valuable feedback from you in our support forum. Texting from your Windows 7/XP PC is now even better. We improved the speed of the app and it needs less memory space. In addition to performance optimizations, we integrated new useful features:


  • Save attachments

    When your friends share their happiest moments by sending pictures to you, you just need to open and right-click on the attachment to save it on your hard drive.

Simply save pictures via mysms


  • Mute notifications

    Even though texting on your PC and staying up to date all the time is great, there are some expectations. Especially when you need to focus on finishing work on your computer or when you are in a meeting, it can be advantageous to mute the notifications for a specific amount of time. Right-click on the mysms icon in your system tray and choose “Notifications” to mute them for 30 minutes to 8 hours.

Mute notifications if you should not be disturbed


  • Quickly compose a new reply
    When you left-click on the mysms icon in the system tray, a pop up appears. Clicking on this opens the new message view.

Compose a new message faster


Now it’s time to have a look at the app. You can use this link to install the app directly on your computer now or you can download it anytime form our website.


We did our best to provide a fast and reliable app. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments or on our support forum.

December 19, 2013

Time for celebration: Get our tablet & desktop apps for free!

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We’ve got breaking news for you here at mysms: This year will soon come to an end and we want to celebrate with you! For a limited time we provide all our tablet and desktop apps for free. Thanks for your support throughout the whole year.

Get our premium apps for free!

Get our premium apps for free!

The year 2013 has been a great one for us. We made it to more than 1M users, launched several cool apps, and with your contribution we were able to implement awesome new features, like the MMS integration or the call log.

At this point we’d also like to thank our greatest users. This thank you is dedicated to the ones who supported us with buying our premium apps, to the ones who took part in our beta testing and to those who constantly assist us in translating the app to make it possible to provide our service in several different languages.


To celebrate our success with you, we provide our tablet & desktop apps for free until year end. So you can use mysms for free on any device. Here are the links to download the apps:


If you are a new user, please install mysms on your smartphone first to set up an account:


So go and get mysms for all your devices and feel free to share this news with your friends! We hope you like our early Christmas gift and are looking forward to an awesome year 2014 🙂


A short hint for our Windows 8 users: Existing users of our Windows 8 app, who are currently in the trial phase and haven’t purchased the app yet, need to uninstall and re-install the app to make use of our promotional offer.


Update October 9, 2014: Starting today we are introducing a new Premium model. We are switching from on-off app purchases to a subscription based model. What does not change is that it’s your decision to pay for mysms or not. We offer the basic version of mysms for free and are not planning to change this. Find more information about mysms Premium here.

June 4, 2013

mysms for Windows 7/XP comes with new features!

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Are you using Windows 7 or Windows XP? In this case you might have been longing for this news: Now the time has come for our major update for mysms desktop app for Windows 7/XP! We’ve improved the performance and cool new features are waiting for you.

Discover the new features!

Discover the new features!

A short note before we start introducing the new features: All settings can be found by right-clicking on the mysms icon in the system tray or by clicking on the cogwheel within the app.


Appearance on taskbar

Using the mysms app on your Windows 7/XP PC has become more intuitive and adaptable: To have mysms always right at hand, we would recommend to “run mysms on Windows startup”. Once the app gets started on your computer, the app will remain open in the taskbar per default. This setting is changeable now, so you can also choose to only show the app in the system tray. Moreover, click once on the icon in the tray to show your notifications or double-click to open the app. In case you don’t want mysms to run in the background, right-click on the mysms icon in the system tray and choose “Quit”.


Stay up-to-date with the popup notification

mysms informs you about incoming messages on your desktop via native notifications (tab “Settings” – “Notifications”). You got to know this feature from the previous version, but there are some new options available. You can delete and mark messages as read directly via the popup or click on it to open the conversation.
And the greatest news for some of you: We’ve implemented an option to enable the privacy mode for the popup, meaning that it won’t show the content of your incoming messages in the notification.


Discover the extended notification settings

Getting notified via the popup is not enough for you? In addition you can choose from various ringtones and set them separately for single and group messages – so you know immediately which kind of message you received. In case you don’t like multiple sound notifications or don’t want to receive them when the app is open, there’s also an option available for that.


Sending and receiving texts on your Windows PC is much more fun now, so it’s time to give it a try. You can download mysms for Windows 7/XP FOR FREE directly from our website.



January 17, 2013

All about mysms groups: How to text with a group of friends

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If you are arranging a meeting or organizing a party, you will probably use texting at some point e.g. for updates or invitations. Isn’t it more convenient, if the whole conversation shows up in one thread rather than having single conversations with each person? That’s why we implemented the group feature that lets you text with up to 50 mysms friends at once.

Try the mysms group chat!

Try the mysms group chat!

The group feature is available for the mysms Android phone, iPhone, tablet, desktop and web apps. In all apps you can create, leave, rename or delete a group/conversation and show or add group members. Let’s have a look on each feature separately:


Create a group

Why not starting a new group message and showing your friends how easy and convenient it is?

Android phone, iPad, Web App: On the top bar you will find an icon which shows your mysms friends. There, you can create a group by clicking on this icon, entering a group name and selecting your mysms friends.

iPhone: Just click on “Create new message” and create a group there. Find an appropriate name and invite your friends. Now you can start messaging.

Android tablet: On your Android tablet it is very easy to set up a group. [Simply click on “create group” on the top bar] Edit: Simply open the setting an choose “Create group”. As on every device, enter a name and invite your friends.


Create a group

Create a group (Android phone & tablet)



Invite group members

Have you or the creator of the group missed somebody important? No problem. When you open the group conversation you’ll find the option “invite contacts” (for iPhone, iPad it’s called “Edit”) in the group message settings. Here, you can invite more of your contacts and all existing group members will be notified about the new participant/s.


Invite group members

Invite group members (Android phone)



Show group members

In case you’ve been invited to a group, you’ll be notified and can start texting with your group members straight away. As you might be interested in who is participating in this group, you can have a look at the list of group members by selecting the conversation and opening the group message settings (for iPhone, iPad “Edit”). There you can select to show all members of the group.


Show group members

Show group members (iPhone)



Rename a group

Sometimes the name of a group won’t be appropriate after a while, or you might want to change the name just for fun. That’s why you’re able to rename groups. Open the group conversation, click on the group message settings and choose “rename group”. After entering and confirming the new name, all group members will be informed.


Rename a group

Rename a group (Windows App)



Leave a group

Have you been invited to a group you do not want to belong to or has the conversation just finished? In this case you can simply leave this group. Once more you find this setting in the group message options. Here you can choose, whether you’d only like to leave the group, or if you’d additionally want to delete the conversation.


Leave a group

Leave a group (iPad)



Delete a conversation

Deleting a whole group conversation is possible by going to the thread overview and tap/click and hold on the conversation (Android phone and tablet) or by clicking on “Edit”. Please note: As long as you just delete the conversation without leaving the group, you will still receive group messages and the group will stay in your group list (friends list).


Delete a conversation

Delete a conversation (Android tablet)

We tried to explain our group features as detailed as possible. If you still have any question, just let us know in the comments. Anyway, have fun with connecting people 😉

Update October 23, 2014:
mysms also supports MMS group messaging for Android phone users. Have a look at the following post to learn more about group MMS.

December 6, 2012

[quick tip] Change display name and photo

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Did you know you can change the display name of contacts in our web and desktop apps? You can also add a standardized pic, if you don’t use a contact photo for this person on your phone.

Change display name and picJust click on the avatar next to the contact name. A new window will appear, where you can change the web display name. Additionally, you can choose from eight different standardized pics.