October 23, 2014

mysms Now Supports Group MMS Messaging

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We are happy to share some long-awaited news with you. With the latest Android version, mysms supports group MMS (a.k.a. MMS group chat) for Android users on all devices. Group MMS messaging is already live today for Android phone, Android tablet, Android mirror, and the browser version. All other tablet and desktop apps will shine with updates in the next few days.

Compose group messages on your computer and tablet

Compose group messages on your computer and tablet

What’s new?

mysms previously allowed you to send group SMS to 50 contacts at once, but if one of your contacts replied to your message, you would receive the reply in an individual thread (no “reply-all”). With the introduction of group MMS all answers to your message will now show up in one group conversation.


Start a group message

Composing a group message is really simple. Open a new message and enter your contacts (more than 1 person). Your send button will change to “MMS” (Update November 6, 2014: The default setting depends on your country).  After you have sent the message, it will show up as usual in your conversation overview showing the names of your contacts.


New MMS group with reply-all functionality

New MMS group with reply-all functionality

Reply to group conversations

All replies that you receive to your group message will show up in one combined conversation. Please note that your contacts will only be able to reply via group MMS when this feature is also supported by their smartphones.


Choose whether you want to send an MMS or SMS

Choose whether you want to send an MMS or SMS

Bonus: Decide which channel you want to use

You might find yourself in situations where you prefer to send an SMS or a mysms friends message instead of an MMS. For example, you notice that one of your contacts is not able to receive group MMS, you don’t want others to see who receives your message, or MMS are not included in your mobile plan. For these reasons mysms always gives you the choice to choose another sending option. Click on the arrow next to your send button and select another channel if you like.


Make sure you give group messaging a try and let us know what you think in the comments!


Update November 6, 2014: With today’s update we reset the default setting for some countries. When adding multiple contacts as recipient, “MMS” will be the default sending option only for US, CA and FR users. All other users send SMS per default. However, the send channel can still be changed by longpressing the send button.