August 23, 2012

What Happened to Our Mobile Manners?

Posted in Just for fun by Lisa Leitner

Have you ever found yourself replying to a text message or an email during a business meeting or a dinner conversation? Let me tell you, Emily Post would not be amused with your behavior. Neither would she like to hear that 3 out of 4 adults text while driving nor that 63 % of Americans answer phone calls while going to the bathroom. However, this seems to be the inconvenient truth about our mobile manners of today.

Mobile Manners in the Bathroom


A recent survey from Online College shows that our mobile manners are not quite as sophisticated as we might think they are. It starts with the young (9 in 10 students text while they are in class), but likewise affects the old (15 % of all polled adults said they will answer a call while they devote themselves to the most beautiful matter in the world). We seem to forget everything our parents taught us about etiquette when it comes to our beloved smartphone.


My personal favorite result is that 3 in 4 Americans use their cell phones while in the bathroom. For Emily Post’s sake please tell me you’re not reading this in the bathroom.


What happened to our mobile manners?