September 29, 2014

Use shortcuts to text even faster [quick tip]

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mysms users who are fans of our desktop apps know how convenient it is to use a larger keyboard for texting. But did you also know that you can use several shortcuts on your computer to text even faster?

Shortcuts for the mysms desktop apps

Shortcuts for the mysms desktop apps

These are the most useful shortcuts that are available in our Windows 7/XP, Windows 8, Mac or web app:


CTRL/CMD + N = New message (Windows 7/XP, Mac)

CTRL/CMD + ALT + N = New message (web app)

CTRL/CMD + UP = Switch to a upper conversation

CTRL/CMD + DOWN = Switch to a lower conversation


Depending on the option you chose in your desktop app or web app settings:

CTRL/SHIFT/CMD + ENTER = Send message

ENTER = Send message (not available for Windows 8)


General shortcuts for the Windows and web app

CTRL + X = Cut a text

CTRL + C = Copy a text

CTRL + V = Paste copied text

CTRL + A = Mark all text

ALT + F4 = Minimize app window


General shortcuts for the Mac app

CMD + X = Cut a text

CMD + C = Copy a text

CMD + V = Paste copied text

CMD + A = Mark all text

CMD + M = Minimize app window

CMD + H = Hide app window

CMD + L = Unhide app window

CMD + Q = Quit app


Have you already been using some of these shortcuts in the mysms apps?