March 26, 2014

Compose replies quickly via the popup or notification bar [quick tip]

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You love mysms for Android phone, but you think it’s inconvenient to open the app for composing a reply? In this case it’s high time to get to know one of our latest feature improvements.

Reply via the popup or notification bar

Reply via the popup or notification bar

Using the latest version of mysms, we provide you with two different quick reply options:



Probably you know our popup from one of our previous versions. Recently, we’ve changed the appearance of it. Now, when tapping into the input field, you can directly start to compose a reply. Instead of opening the whole message view, only the keyboard appears. Just enable the popup in the mysms settings and to use of this feature.


Notification bar

In case you’ve activated the option “Notifications” in the mysms settings on your Android phone, you receive a notification for incoming messages in the notification bar. In addition to open and read the message by tapping on it, you’ll find three options: Delete the message, mark it as read, or reply. By choosing “Reply”, the popup will directly compose a reply.


Don’t you think that this is much more convenient? How do you like these improvements?