November 17, 2014

Change the sending options according to your preferences | quick tip

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With mysms we want to make your texting life as simple and convenient as possible on any of your devices. We focus on regular text messaging, but our service also combines MMS and instant messaging. As we implemented some changes within the last weeks, we’d like to give you a short overview of our sending options.

Choose your preferred sending option

Choose your preferred sending option

General info

You can change the send channel any time on your phone, computer or tablet by longpressing the send button. In addition you can choose to send attachments and groups as regular MMS or SMS with link in the mysms phone settings (Sending messages – Advanced settings – Send attachments and groups as). This setting will apply as default setting on all your devices.


Single message

SMS: This is the most common sending option. It’s a regular text message that only contains text and smileys or Emojis. For these texts your existing mobile contract is used (we never charge you for messages). E.g. if your contract includes an SMS flat rate, texts sent via mysms are also free of charge.

MMS: With mysms you can send any files you want (pictures, PDFs, sound files etc.). These messages are sent as MMS (multimedia messages). For MMS also your mobile carrier tariffs apply and you won’t get charged additionally.

SMS with link: In case MMS are too expensive for you, you can choose to send attachments as regular SMS. In this case a link to the file will be added to your SMS. Please note that the recipient needs to open the attachment in the browser.

mysms friends message (chat): If your friends also use mysms, you can send free messages to them. These messages are sent and received via your data connection (mobile data or WIFI).


Message to multiple recipients

SMS and SMS with link: All recipients will receive your message separately. Replies are not shown in a group conversation, but are split in separate conversations.

MMS: In countries where MMS are very popular and inexpensive (US, CA, FR), MMS is the default setting for messages to multiple recipients. Usually people in these countries are heavy users of MMS group chat. When you start a new message and add more than one recipient, the send button will show “MMS”. This means that a group chat gets started – both your actual message and the replies from all recipients will be shown in one single thread.

mysms group chat: In case you have several mysms friends and prefer instant messages, you can start a mysms group chat. The behavior is basically the same as for MMS group chat. Just make sure that the send button shows “chat” (mysms friends message).


Did you know you can choose the sending option individually? Do you prefer to save on costs by sending attachments as links or do you prefer regular MMS?