January 30, 2014

Become a mysms translator

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We’re very proud that the mysms community has spread around the entire world and that our service is used in over 180 countries so far. We’d love to provide our apps in as many languages as possible. As it is kind of impossible for us to cover all popular languages on our own, we’d appreciate your help! 

Be part of our community!

Be part of our community!

At this point we’d like to thank our existing translators. By their reliable translations, we made it to eleven different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Russian and Swedish).

Joining our community as a translator means that you participate in making our app more valuable for you and all other users who also speak your language. You will work with a professional translation tool, which facilitates the handling of translations for both sides. Your translation only concerns the mysms applications, not the mysms website or any other site.

There is no obligation to do translations on a regular basis, but regular translations lead to consistent texts and a better user experience. Of course it is work, if you start translating a new language. However, it is a real pity, when users invest their valuable time, but quit the translation before it has been completed. On the other hand, you can be proud, as soon as your language is completely translated and made available for all users with the next update J

Would you like to use mysms in your specific language? Become part of our community now! Go to our translation tool and create an account to start right away or contact us here to receive a guide for the tool.